A library membership can help your child perform better in education
Posted on: August 17, 2010. Comments ( 84 )

Author: Amrutash Misra
Chief Librarian at The ilovereadin' Library

Dr Seuss, the famous children’s author, is quoted as saying, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” However, we find that children today learn a lot from sources like television and the internet. Often we allow these to substitute reading a book.

As part of our work as librarians, we conducted a survey correlating book-reading and marks in one of the leading CBSE schools in the city. We found that students who read 4 or more novels (story books) a month score 95% on average and students who read less than 1 novel (story books) a month score less than 65% on average in their exams.

In order to explain such a strong indicator, we must understand what reading a book involves. While television is easy on the mind, a book is more demanding — it forces a child to use her mind. A book also allows the child to pause and think — a very important part of learning. By reading a book, a child reinforces her language skills. Reading also hones subtler skills like patience.

But, the most important aspect of all is that reading a story book prepares a child to read bigger books in the future. It is likely that by the time your child reaches college, she will be exposed to academic books that run into hundreds of pages. For her to be able to patiently turn through those pages, it is essential that she be used to reading big books. And what better way to start reading big books than to read big story books?

Children who read a lot of books are often much more patient. They have a better command on their language and communication skills. They are smarter and more importantly, they score better marks. It is important for every parent to understand this it’s not that ‘children who get high grades read more books’. Instead, we find that ‘children who read more books get high grades’.

In order to foster the reading habit, access to a good library is very important. A child with such access will be able to choose the books that are right for her and cultivate the habit.

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Comments (84)


    David says:


    Sangeetha says:

    Can you please let me know if some library is available near Triplicane?

      savitha says:

      It is true that enrolling in a library makes wonders. My daughter is studying in 7th std. 3 months before, we enrolled in a nearby library. She has picked up interest in books now. she has completed reading many books, started with shakespere, oliver twist now. her english vacabulary has improved a lot. Her english teacher also told that for english exam, you don’t have to study, you should create the habit of reading story books. grammar will come naturally. i am realising the importance of reading habit now.

      Divya says:

      I think a library membership is a great start / step to help your toddler get into the habit of learning.

      I got my kids (3 yr old and twin boys) enrolled to a library membership through the Hippocampus and reading a book is now part of their routine. We end each day with a story book.. that I read to them. They usually converse in their mother tongue which is Tamil and I am helping them learn to converse in English and I must say.. the story reading and books have improved their vocabulary to a great extent. They have started using words such as human beings, Dragons, waiting, tired, hungry and so on.. they have also learned to form basic sentences in English and I attribute all this to the reading time we have each day. Most importantly, this is a great opportunity for me to bond with my kids considering the limited time I have with them as I am a working mother :)

    Rupal says:

    hai thanku folks for such a wonderful information

    Madhurani Saxena says:

    A Book is the best companion a child can have. It is the duty of the parents —esp, mother to inculcate the habit of reading in children.one way to do is by giving a book every year as a Birthday gift.I do this and this has helped my child a lot. Hope many will follow .Thanks

    GAYATHRI C says:

    Its a real fact that book reading could be the ideal hobby for a kid’s intellectual development. It goes a long way in accompanying a person and keeping his memory level intact at all ages of life. We can start encouraging the kids to make a library of their own at home which will definitely instil the interest in the kids to collect the books of their interest (of course under the supervision of the parents only) and read it as well. By and large children will also gradually start spreading the habit of book reading among their friends right from the childhood. As everyone knows habit cultivated in childhood follows till end of one’s life.

    Rachana Mayank says:

    Can anyone help with the printable formats available for the Nursary class student for 2.5 years old child, so that i can make him practice for the letters.

    Sutapa says:

    My son is 4 years old and i am looking for some free online site where i can download stories and fun & interactive activities . Please let me know what are the good and reliable online websites for this?

    Padma says:

    Hi all,
    I came across this BANYAN CHILDREN LIBRARY, in Parent Circle magazine. They deliver books at your door step. You can visit their website and order books. They have a good collection of books. I have enrolled my daughter who is about 3.8 yrs started writing her name out of the blue few months back. I was amazed!Reading books to kids as early in their childhood helps in developing their vocabulary and concentration.
    You can reach the library at
    Ms.Priya : 9600134681

    Priscilla says:

    anna centenary libray in kotturburam is very ideal for children with seperate section for them

    Chandni says:

    Get your child a library membership. Spend time with a child in a library..those are quality moments together. To inculcate reading habits check out online libraries which deliver books… check out http://www.homelibrary.hippocampus.in. They have books for kids aged 0-12.
    Also watch out for The Great Tale Chase – a Summer Reading initiative by Hippocampus..www.blog.hippocampus.in

    Vinodhini says:

    can you suggest me any books so that I can subscribe them annually for 3.5 year old kid or any particular books

    Laxminarayanan Sridharan says:

    Pls help list some good libraries having books for kids of 7-9 years in the vicinity of Medavakkam, Tambaram or Velachery.

    Devi says:

    Looking for library in annanagar east(near chintamani)pls anyone give me the library address or ph no.
    my email id :devimdhar@yahoo.com

    Devi says:

    Looking for a library membership for me and child in Anna nagar
    east(near chintamani). Can anyone suggest.

    Devi says:

    Looking for a library membership for me and child in Anna Nagar East(Near chintamani). Can anyone suggest.pls give me the full address and ph no of the library.

    Subramaniya says:

    Good Idea. Even my son is fond of reading , even he ask us to make a little library at home. Can anyone help me to find out a library in West Mogappair

    Sathya Prabha says:

    Nice article, any suggestions for library for kids ages below 5. My kids like books and would like to introduce them to a Library.

    Nambi Anjaneyulu says:

    It’s good article and reading & listening is very important for children especially.

    I think The Hindu – Young World as well good source for children as it is comes every Tuesday.

    Sreekala says:

    Hi Can somesone help me with a good library near Annanagar.

    Anita says:

    wonderful idea , my daughter, 8 years, loves reading books and we thought of taking her to a liabrary, but never thought of getting her own membership,!
    this will work well with her as she loves to be independent!
    thank you for such helpful articles

    Vimala says:

    Thats absolutely true, my son reads a lot.

    Radha says:

    this site should enable you to locate the nearest branch.
    else call 9840366599

    JAISHREE says:

    besides British Council Library is there any library in Chennai for kids?

    Sudhalakshmi says:

    This is a very good article… Could any one help me in finding out a good Lending Library in the locality of East Tambaram, Chennai…

    Sudha says:

    imyself being fond of books, i consioustly inculcated the habit of reading booke right from childhood by cotinuosly reading stories to her every day. now, she is 9 and a voracious reader. she reads atleast a book everyday. she reads for the reading sake and enjoys reading. her academic results are great with very little effort. if given an option she prefers to read a book rather than watch TV. So, what i inted to say is that parents have to play a role right from the childhood and spare some time for the children to be drawn into this habit. nothing comes without effort.

    Book reading is not for the sake of good academic results or for good habits or to avoid more TV. i deeply feel that while parents can teach the child right and wrong, good and bad, it is the knowledge and wisdom that they gain from books which help them in addressing a lot of grey areas that they face in life from time to time with logic, humour and intellect.

      Mohana Murali says:

      I used to read stories for my daughter since she was 3years old. She is 15 now. She reads a lot. I am not able to provide books for the speed she has. She is reading online books now. But she likes it better in paper form. so, if i am able to get membership in library, it will be better. We have shifted to Adyar area recently. Can anyone help me in finding a good library nearby?

    Sivasamy says:

    An eye opening article.
    I have enrolled my daughter in a local library. She enjoys reading story books

    Hariharan says:

    Looking for library memership for my child at Chromepet stuyding VII std. Can any one help me.

    N HARIHARAN – CELL 9500085081

    Amita says:

    Hi All,

    Reading is alwayas a good habbit rather than it be a hobby.it gives knowledge as well as developes patience too.
    Looking for a library membership for me and child in velachery. Can anyone suggest.


    Suchaya says:

    Hi All,
    Looking for a library membership for me and child in J.P nagar B-lore.Can anyone suggest.

      Mohana Murali says:

      There is a small lending library in the left side of the road from Raggigudda Arch which leads to the Raggigudda Temple. you get all types of magazines in english and kannada for all age group. There are other novels also.

    Raja says:

    This is a damn good article. Reading is alwayas a good habbit rather than it be a hobby.As the author said it developes patience too.Thanks for the good article.Pl. keep publishing such kind of article regularly to develop the kids into a reading as a way of life.

    Kotteeswaran says:

    Good article. I shall enroll my son, who is in Std X,
    immediately in our local library. Though I have membership of a library for over 10 years, never thought for one for my son. Thanks to this article. Shall enroll now.

    Radha says:

    The Group of Easwari Lending Library at Chennai with 10 branches all over the town have a wonderful collection of multi-lingual books for all ages. My daughter just loves to go there and pick on the varieties. they are even available online and one can book from the internet and request for books to be delivered at doorstep for free. They charge around 1200 a year for unlimited reading with a restriction of 3 books that can be borrowed at a time. However the number of times one can borrow is unlimited. Infact in large complexes they have now come up with a resident library where in they replenish the stock periodically.

    Ganesh says:

    true… reading makes a world of difference..

    Zeenath Zarina says:



    Ramya says:

    It is true that reading can inculcate many good habits in kids and acquire vast knowledge. Kindly provide me the details for the membership

    Suresh Ramachandran says:

    Even i am on the lookout for a good library for kids because they love reading.
    would like to get more details

    Vishwanath says:

    I have been searching for more details. Can you Provide the same……

    Jothilakshmy says:

    Kindly inform the details to apply for the membership in the library

    Thara says:

    Why must everything linked to academic performance? Isn’t it good enough that you inculcate the love of reading just for the joy of reading? For once, can we all say, “Read for the joy of reading” and not because it is going to help you do better in school. I think it is high time Indians change their thinking. And by the way, my kids have been berated to be reading books in class. They were discouraged to be reading even when they had some free time in between classes. If this is the case, it is going to be very difficult to raise kids who love to read. Let’s stop linking everything to academic performance for once!!

    Latha says:

    I would like to join as a member in your library.Because myself, my son and my daugher are very much interested in reading books. so coulp you please tell me the procedure for joining for a membership in the library. is there any amount i need to pay ,if so kindly give me the details.

    Himabindu says:

    Reading is a habit that opens up a lot of opportunities. But in today’s world, with our children attending the extra classes, the reading habit has taken a back seat. It is up to us parents to integrate this into their own tight schedule so that they not only get the habit, but also get to relax a bit.

    Selvarani says:

    My daughter who is 12 years old is very fond of reading.I have enrolled her in Book world in Vellachery ,chennai. She prefers to read more of mystery and horror children foreign storybooks ,which bother’s me a lot. She finds our indian Mythological storys funny and impractical.And I find it difficult to convince her reading Ramayana or Mahabartha… She loves reading Young world of Hindu and other GK related books.
    I would like to know about intresting Indian author’s children book for her age so that she has get the insite of our Indian culture and tradation.

    P.R.D.Gupta says:

    Appreciate if i get details to join library & procedure.

    P.R.D.Gupta says:

    Reading books is a good habit. Kids will learn more and they will equip knowledge. Knowledge is weapon, it will be useful anywhere and everywhere. Awareness within kids is most important in todays world.

    Bandana says:

    I truely agree with you all ! Inculcating the habit of reading in ones’s child , right from a very young age not only makes the child inclined towards books but also equipped him/her with the most poweful weapon , which could be used to conquer the impossibles and win many battles if not war.

    Srividhya says:

    Went through your Yokibe events. I would like to join as a member in your library.Because both myself & my son are very much interested in reading books. so coulp you please tell me the procedure for joining for a membership in the library. is there any amount i need to pay ,if so kindly give me the details.

    Dr. T. A. Kannan says:

    Dear Mr.Raguraman,
    Reading will improve the analytical capacty of the children. Also the habit improves their writing skill. Because many students from metropoiltian schools
    are excellent in their fluency in talking. But this kind of reading books will improve their witing skill as well. Good luck.

    Sathiya Narayanan says:

    Reading is a very good habit in everyone’s life. Especially for children they should read school books as well as other good story books, newspaper like the THE HINDU Young World and other newspaper both in Tamil and English, so that they can gain general knowledge also.

    priyadarshini.r says:

    Yes Mr Raguuraman,reading is infact a very valuable hobby.Reading for the sake of marks will not workout in the long run.Reading books apart from the school syllabus gives the child a vast knowledge and makes him a dynamic personality!

    Raghuraman says:

    i totally agree that reading not only helps in academic performances, it opens up exciting places in the minds of children and encourages them to imagine the impossible. it helps in improving linguistic skills and it teaches the child to be happy and content even when they are alone.

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