A library membership can help your child perform better in education
Posted on: August 17, 2010. Comments ( 84 )

Author: Amrutash Misra
Chief Librarian at The ilovereadin' Library

Dr Seuss, the famous children’s author, is quoted as saying, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” However, we find that children today learn a lot from sources like television and the internet. Often we allow these to substitute reading a book.

As part of our work as librarians, we conducted a survey correlating book-reading and marks in one of the leading CBSE schools in the city. We found that students who read 4 or more novels (story books) a month score 95% on average and students who read less than 1 novel (story books) a month score less than 65% on average in their exams.

In order to explain such a strong indicator, we must understand what reading a book involves. While television is easy on the mind, a book is more demanding — it forces a child to use her mind. A book also allows the child to pause and think — a very important part of learning. By reading a book, a child reinforces her language skills. Reading also hones subtler skills like patience.

But, the most important aspect of all is that reading a story book prepares a child to read bigger books in the future. It is likely that by the time your child reaches college, she will be exposed to academic books that run into hundreds of pages. For her to be able to patiently turn through those pages, it is essential that she be used to reading big books. And what better way to start reading big books than to read big story books?

Children who read a lot of books are often much more patient. They have a better command on their language and communication skills. They are smarter and more importantly, they score better marks. It is important for every parent to understand this it’s not that ‘children who get high grades read more books’. Instead, we find that ‘children who read more books get high grades’.

In order to foster the reading habit, access to a good library is very important. A child with such access will be able to choose the books that are right for her and cultivate the habit.

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Comments (84)


    Mamta Divakar says:

    please suggest some good books to read for my son studying in 8th to increase his vocabulary

    U.sunil Kumar says:

    Its a good article and a good idea we should make atleast our child to read a book atleast for half an hour daily.

    Rupali Umesh Nangare says:

    Good Articel

    Kaayathree says:

    Yes, reading books help to build ones vocabulary well. For kids under age 6 we can get books from old book shop for them to do anything (scribbling, cutting Pict, tearing, etc.). As age goes they will learn to keep book properly. Mainly we as parents should read good books before them, this will by default make into them a habit.

    Vani Mehta says:

    For accessing library for all age groups, we have http://www.Librarywala.com for Mumbai, Pune and banglore locations wherein you can order books online and they deliever it at your home. Once you are done with reading, you can order next book and they collect the books from Home itself.
    Hope this infromation helps.

    s.s.govindasami says:

    wht is the appropriate age of develping reading habits to kids. As of now my boys i 3 years complete, in pre kg. we have more amar chitra katha. but he is just viewing pictures and torn it?

      Radhika says:

      Children can be taught to associate with books from as early as the time he is eight months old. They can be helped to devote time to reading everyday from the time they start going to school. But then the parent will be an active reader and the child an active listener only. Consistent reading as a habit for the child, also modeled by the parent, will make the child a comfortable reader when he turns seven.

        s.s.govindasami says:

        Hope daily minimum 30 mts spending with kid on reading books will do. My sincere thanks to you for your prompt reply.

        You people are playing very vital role in developing our society without expecting any thing in return, itself a very noble service indeed. My prayers and good wishes for you and your family.

    Dina says:

    I too believe in the power of reading in this age of technology and one touch screen. Right, it is tough to fine a library as well fine time to go to one. So, i bring the library home as we do not have a library nearby! I have 2 boys, they love video games and outdoor games. At the same time they love to read for we make time to build a small library at home. A smallcorner where we set up for the books to be displayed in each room for easy access, for them to either just browse or read. We also go shopping for books together once every 1 or 2 months. They love it, when we sit down to read just for that 10 to 15 minutes. Also they learn to keep it back after the read.

    Rajednra Satla says:

    In order to foster the reading habit, access to a good library is very important. A child with such access will be able to choose the books that are right for her /him and cultivate the habit.-I appreciate the thoughts of Amrutash Misra -Chief Librarian.
    Is there a good library around for Children near Christ Church school,Clare Road,Mumbai-400008.I would like to become the member of such library or else all parents unite & can plan for opening such library for our kids ? Need more suggestions on this subject

    Sujit Ashok Satam says:

    Correct, we need to encourage our kids to read more and more books.

    Asha says:

    I agree but I would also like to state that when children (and adults) listen to a story well-told orally, it transports them instantly into the story; it creates a magic and wonder that has been the speciality of the age-old oral tradition of storytelling! We all know that any language development is dependent on these four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

    Jayasankar says:

    HI, pl do share the information anybody have about the libraries situated between thriuvanmiyur and sholinganallur.

    Celine Dsouza says:

    Hi Please send me online links to English and EVS worksheets for Std IInd

    Kanakapriya says:

    Reading is as necessary as practicing an art form, a sport activity and working with one’s hand on a craft project for a child’s development. No less and No more.

    I am the mother of a voracious reader and a member of iloveread. He takes everything to excesses and I find him very irritable and fidgety on days he has spend only reading.

    I actually empathize. Real life can seem a tad boring when you are lost in say 1 volume of the game of thrones and awaiting another. I now restrict his reading to 50 pages during school days 100 during holidays :)

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