Friday Lunch Box
Posted on: July 20, 2010. Comments ( 255 )

Author: A. Duraivel Gopal, Chennai.

First, a small introduction about me as a preamble to the topic. I am widowed about two years ago when my wife died leaving behind me and our 8 months old daughter and 7 year old son. From then on I had to play a dual role at home (father and mother). As a conscious fat(mot)her I wanted to give the best to my children and to an large extent they should not miss anything b’cos of loss of their mother.

Now, let me come to my daughter who is 2.5 years now and for the last four-five months she is in a play school, spends about 3 hours everyday. Mostly only moms come in to the playschool, to drop the children, school function, trip, etc and I will be lone dad in those school events. How do I make my daughter feel she is special?

I have started making her lunch box slightly different every Friday, the same food (dosas, chappati, etc) is made in a different look and feel. I started designing dosas on the “tawa” and called it (at least me and my daughter), aeroplane dosa, girl dosa, star dosa, shapes, giraffe dosa, traffic light dosa, etc. This little thing has helped my daughter to eat at school (without getting fed by someone) and at the same time she felt very special. In fact the school teachers are now looking forward for Jasmitha’s (my daughter) “Friday Lunch Box”

Thanks for reading; I need to think of what snacks for next “Friday Lunch Box” in the new school year.

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Comments (255)


    Madhavi Mahesh Sutar says:

    Its really touching article and indeed a great father.

    Radhika says:

    It was so touching to read the article. but indeed an inspiration to live a happy life whatever be the situations. Thanks for sharing and hats off to a wonderful father.

    Lalith says:

    i think this idea is unique and inspiring ….its very helpful …


    Very touching & inspiring., I myself will implement this for my two kids.. Thanks & god bless.

    Chintamani says:

    Hats-off to Mr. Duraivel. May god give you courage to over come all the difficulties in life. My best wishes to you & your bony kids.

    Meera says:

    Great to see this link still alive till date ! Hats off to Mr.Duraivel … Hope is life is more wonderful now. Wish God be with you all

    rajesh kanna.p says:

    superhero to your kids

    Krishnakumar says:

    Your children are gifted to have a dad like you ! God bless you and children with the best !


    Hello Mr. Duraivel,

    It’s really nice to read your experience and effort to make your daughter fell special. My daughter is too fussy eater..and let me surprise you it’s not me but my husband who takes care of her everything regarding school..and hence the lunch idea as well.Sometime he giver my daughter pani’s very simple and yet can make either buy poori from shop and stuff them whatever veggies your daughter likes and add some black salt and little chat masala (optional).

    Then someday he surprises her by giving lunch some small star /heart shaped idlis..ever since my daughter has started going to school it’s my hubby who wakes her up, prepares her for the school as I have problem of morning sickness…and please don’t fell embarrassed if you see you are the only male(father) and all are females(mothers)..bcoz if you look through carefully you will find one more father standing near somewhere holding my daughter’s hand..

    As a father you are superb mother :)

    thanks again



    Shankar V says:

    You are a great inspiration for each and every parent.

    Shailesh Anantharam says:


    Ravi Kumar says:

    Really Great :)

    I prepared Alphabets Dosa ( ABCDEFG ), Probably you can start Alphabets & NUmbers

    Anand S says:

    Great Father…. May god bless u and ur kids.

    Baskar says:

    Hats off to you Sir!! Excellent Father you are. I am really proud of you

    Keep going for future

    Preetha says:

    very inspiring sharing, god bless all your efforts.

    Nidhi says:

    This proves that in worst conditions also u can be equally creative explore this much more within you and I am sure you will come out with much more .All the best.

    Amrita Satyendra Devda says:

    Great job sir . U doing your best as a famother. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Pooja says:

    Happy to read and saw. am going to try these to my child. let me give u feed back.

    Any how just i want to know: Are you doing it now also?still u could able to do and maintain it? or your wife is taking care? how abt ur new companion support on this . expect ur reply. thanks

      Duraivel says:

      My little daugther grew up now, she is 6 years and once she moved to grade1; she found this is “kiddish” and not amused with the shape dosas. My wife attempted these dosas for sometime.

    Shamsudeen Mohammed Kani says:

    Excellant hats off to u sir.

    PADMA says:

    nice to hear and interesting to see the pictures. saw the blog that you are married again. Thats wonderful. so happy for you. best wishes..

    Devi says:

    Hats off to you, Sir! Your kids are gifted for having you in their life. Keep up the spirit and set more examples to the fortunate and unfortunate lot.

    Vanitha says:

    you are a great and brilliant father….

    Shaji Chandrashekharan says:

    That is so thoughtful of you.

    Varalakshmi says:


    Just felt like asking…. why your article named only as Friday Lunch Box and what do you make for other days?

      Duraivel says:

      I used to make these “special” lunch boxes only on Friday and everyday food used to be normal. Hence named this article as “Friday Lunch Box”.

      the idea is to communicate a message everyone is special, by treating them special the output is possibly better and relationship is important both in personal and professional life.

    Varalakshmi says:

    Hello Sir,

    How are you all? Today I saw all your different shapes of dosas in Its amazing and I loved to see all of them. Good thought and Best effort…….. Regards.

    Ramanujan says:

    Dear Gopal

    You are a great inspiration for each and every parent. You will for sure raise your children as responsible citizents. May god give you all the strength in your long journey of parenting. By the way kudos to your creativity! Keep rocking!!

    Neha Neerajdeshpande says:

    Excellent!!! A great job done by you Sir. After reading ur article i really cried and siad to myself that as a (housewife) mom i have to be so committed towards my kids (2 sons). U r an ispiration for all. Hats off to you.

    Sheeja says:


    Sangeetha says:

    Doing a great job… Rock & roll.

    Suganthi K says:

    Hats off to your commitment… Very much inspiring!!!

    Geetha says:

    Great job sir, let god shower his blessings to you and your kids

    Sivakami M says:


    Sivakami M says:

    hats of u sir

    Botla Parameshwar says:

    Fantastic work ! all the best .

    Vasanthi says:

    Its really great.

    Prabhakar says:

    Dear Shri Gopal, I read Ur post more than a couple of years back, when U wrote that time. Reading again today, is inspiring for me, to look forward with more energy and enthusiasm, to find better ways to pack ‘lunch box’. Thanks once again. Keep it up.

    Nita says:

    Good Job Sir!

    Chakravarthy Pubk says:

    You are a doting famother, as your usage of this word is fabuluos. May God give the strength and vigour to carry on with the good work you are doing.

    Anitha M says:

    Your creative thinking has inspired me, sir. Its really colourfull and a better way to incorporate vegetables in kid’s diet. Really a very good father. May lord be with your family always.

    Revathi says:

    Very interesting to read your article.
    What a great and inspiration father you are.
    Your children are really lucky to have you. I know how difficult it is to manage both professional and personal life and you balance them well.
    May God bless you and your children.

    Mohana Vadivelan says:

    Good job sir

    Aarthi Raghavendra Pai says:

    Thats great job u r doing for ur kids.May god
    give u all more strength and power.

    Deepti says:

    Really.. hats off to you.. its difficult to handle 2 kids when both parents are available, and you doing both alone.. Itsam inspiring informaation.. Moreover your Friday lunch is very very special & creative…

    Krithika says:

    Great job Duraivel, to strike a balance between work and home is really a challenge for working women like us.. but you playing a dual role at home and balancing work life is even more challenging..

    all the best to you and your chikdren. May god be with you!

    Ruby Pearl Nathan says:

    Awesome and engaging techniques!

    Thank you fo sharing it with us, Duraivel!

    Deshmi Shetty says:

    hi i like your idea…….. even i try to puree beetroot or carrot and mix with atta to make red and orange chapati

    Sumathi says:

    very creative thinking to make the lunch box even more special. really your role in your house is a very great job excellent idea for making the children to empty their lunch box fabulous idea

    Poongundram Subramanian says:

    Hats of U. You are a great (gentle) man and very happy to read. not only for making different recipe; for having good companion and taking care of 3 children too. . Let others should learn this good habits and i request all mothers to try it at-least once for their child in the speedy world. thanks

    Saivenkatesh says:

    Its a great challenge to play a single role in the present day world but dual role still hard.I pray for your good health & enthusiasm to have a long journey.Life is as simple as marathon.

    BALAJI R says:

    Excellant ADG. Ur dual role is very much appreciated and ur commitment has to conveyed at appropriate time to your children.

    Take care of young man and add father snack for your children

      Vivek Khandekar says:

      Hi Gopal!!

      Its nice to understand even in tought situation, you are trying to keep you daughter happy so that she should not miss her mother….

      Thanks for being so kind father.



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