Help your child learn creative writing
Posted on: July 22, 2010. Comments ( 84 )

Author: Chandrasekar, Chennai

Creative writing need not be the exclusive domain of a selected few. With some practice and effort everyone of us can come up with creative expressions. Creative writing is not just about expressing new ideas. It can also be about expressing an idea in a new way.

The best people to learn creativity from are children. Children in general have high creativity. The problem is we adults fail to notice it and nurture it. Children are creative because they have no inhibition and preconceived notions of any idea. They just allow their thoughts to be free and express themselves. As they grow, the social conditioning and the stereotypical expectation of the adult world stifles their creativity and freedom of thinking.

Just read below an example to understand the ability of children and how it can inspire we adults to be creative:

A father and his son were on a vacation trip to US and were walking along the streets of New York.

A blind man was begging at a junction, with a board written

“I’m blind. Help me.”

The boy wondering about the beauty of New York saw that man and pointing his finger at the beggar said “How nice this place is? But he cannot see it.”

The dad struck by the boy’s expression, took that board and wrote:

“Today is a beautiful day, but I can’t see it.”

The lesson is creativity can come from simple ideas. Always encourage your children to express their ideas.

So, Next time you are out with your family and see anything like that, do not miss out the opportunity to engage your children in coming up with creative expressions.

Try with your children and see if you can come up with creative replacements for standard ones such as:

  1. Do not trespass
  2. Beware of Dogs
  3. Do not disturb me
  4. No sUccess without U

Write your creative expressions below in the comment sections to share it with all parents.

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Comments (84)


    Unnikrishnan Menon says:

    Every child is special. to discover what is LATENT, just need to interchange the place of L and T. the TALENT emerges.

    For sure children and all of us, would be immensely benefit , with this platform of exchange of information and ideas, with learning and experience.

    keep sharing.

    Lalitha says:

    thanks for such a platform to discuss expect more information helpful to improve the creativity

    Lalitha says:

    thanks for a platform to share expect more of such information

    Deepa says:

    ‘CREATIVITY’ birth right of every individual.

    Krithiga says:

    very good to look at. I think we will get very interactive and creative learning and we will establish a friendly and interactive environment with the parents and students.

    Gayathri says:

    Good Article, every parent should allow the children to be creative

    Renu Prashant Nargunde says:

    very well presented article,especially from the parental point of view…

    Omprakash Gond says:


    i fully agree with it. but in the same time this great work can start with the school itself.

    let every subject teacher tell students to write the answers in there own words and a time will come they will become in perfect for creative wirting.

    pl. stop wrote learning in school —- its my request


      Dhruba says:

      Dear Sir,
      This is called passing the buck. Since I am too lazy to pass some quality time with my kids, so let the school solve my all problems. More than the school, we parents have a much greater responsibility towards our kids. We all see that in a class every student scores different marks. some get above 90%, some 60% or some even 40%. Why so ? Because those getting good marks are not only because of their being intelligent, but also due to guidance given by parents at home.
      So instead of expecting our schools to start with creative writing classes, let us parents take the initiative. Simply depending upon schools to make our child a genius, won`t be sufficient ,Sir. We have to do our own homework.
      with regards

    NITHYA says:

    i conduct free expression during my science classes . unfortunately i find that children are trained to write only in ordered sentences and unable express creatively . so i make it a compulsory free expression !! session every class i teach.

    Ajith Kumar says:

    Once i was teaching my 3.5yr old Son Alpahbets & said Z says Zebra Crossing, he spontanelusly asked me show me the Tiger Crossing. I was dumbstruck & did no what to answer.

    So i guess children are very creative & parents need to spend some time with them to bring out their creativity

    Krishnakumar says:

    I would rather say, “creative thinking” – which is about generating creative ideas – it can be an “Invention” (creating something new) or “Innovation” (developing on something that already exists). Be it writing or visual arts, a creative plot or idea is needed. By nurturing young minds with creative exercises and techniques, they become capable of generating ideas that may potentially solve issues.

    Search for “Edward DeBono” on the Net for information on creativity.

    In my opinion, teaching creativity techniques should be part of the curriculum.


    creativity makes stylish, and effective lifestyle for every humans.

    Sheetal says:

    1.Do not trespass
    Don’t step on my TOES.. it HURTS!!

    2.Beware of Dogs
    They jump and lick your FACE

    3.Do not disturb me
    I am Dreaming!

    4.No sUccess without U
    I am no. ONE with U

    Ananya says:

    very informative…

    Kumaran.N says:

    my 4 year old asks ‘why we have blood’ in our body? I am thinking of ways to give the answer so He CAN understand. any creative ideas are welcome.

    Muradali says:

    Thanks very nice.

    Jagannathan says:

    Thank you Mr. Chandrasekar for the great article. After reading the article only we are realising that we are failed to spend our quality time with our son to enhance his creativeness. Actually speaking we forgot to notice in our busy schedule. For sure i will try this with my little one. Thank you once again for your valuable suggestions.

    Laxminarayanan Sridharan says:

    Kids need to express a lot of individuality. This helps them grow as ORIGINAL as they can. Inculcating a thought process for a desired action is a challenge in itself.

    Any ideas on influencing thoughts of kids? Tried and tested ones are welcome :-)

    Kalpana says:

    Nowadays children are very fast and creative in everything. These tips will definetly help them to grow in qualitative manner. Thanks for bringing in that exposure to parents and making core arrangement with the parents to share ideas.

    Mahalakshmi says:

    very nice. surely try with my children.

    Anita says:

    very good and creative suggestion, will definetly try with my daughty
    thank you

    Anand says:

    Very informative

    Govinda Gowda says:

    Every children is special in something and creating very special on their own way.This can be noticed when we spend time with them. It is nice tip. Thank you

    Kamilla says:

    This very creative expression to be practised in our chid to develop his/her-cognetive skills-Thinking beyond the vision with correct expression- simple english acceptabe to all.
    Really it it is a beautiful expression….

    Hariharan says:

    This is a very good tips for the parents who wants to dominate their family people and want to listen only what they say. Parents should allow their children to take part in their family role also to express their views.



    Prabhavathy says:

    excellent idea, will try this with my boy. thanks for a very good idea.

    Selvakumar says:

    Yes creative thinking and writing habits brings out various talents from children. Parents must spend time with children and listen what they say and also encourage them to come up with more creative ideas.

    Balakrishnan says:


    Kaarthiga Jyothi says:

    Every children is special in something and creating very special on their way, It can be noticed when we spend time with them. It should be appreciated at the very moment.

    D.Murali Sundaran says:

    nice thought… we appreciate ur effort….

    Rita says:

    Good! We will definitely encourage our kids and spent the time with our kids.

    Hansini says:

    When you play with words, you create literature. Sometimes we just ignore innocent observations as silly or stupid, but there in lies the most intricate lessons of life. very good thought.

    Uma says:

    Very interesting! Need more tips. Definetly is a better way of expressing.

    Sankar says:

    Excellant thought & Self motivating…

    Priya Janaky says:

    something nice and creative! going to try it out with my girl!

    Joseph says:

    Very nice and Important one,need more and more.

    Viswanathan says:

    This must be in everday’s life, Be Creative, By Creative, bind creative – Baratwaj – thanks to Yokibu

    Balasundram says:

    good AND very nice.

    Karnan says:

    The thoughts, its very useful to improve creativity.Thanks .

    Selvam says:

    its very nice and impressive thought.let me try the same with my kids.

    Umesh Chandra Tripathy says:

    Very much inspiring thought. Thanks for getting every one here in one page.

    Ushasri says:

    very impressive and let me try with my kids.

    Lakshmi says:

    Its very good shall I try with my childrens

    Srinivasan says:

    Good idea, keep it up

    Ashok Raj says:

    Wow, its really good and helpful…….Keep sharing

    Rajeswari says:

    Very nice. Shall try with my children

    Balanayaki says:

    We might not notice such creative thoughts coming out from kids… thanks for bringing in that exposure to parents…

    Sairam says:

    Good one… Let me try it with my kids!

    Kamalalakshmi says:

    the above said thought is most helpful for parents. thank u.

    Sabiya says:

    hi everybody
    this is v nice that v came to events happening in n around the city.thanks for yokibu.

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