Help your child learn creative writing
Posted on: July 22, 2010. Comments ( 84 )

Author: Chandrasekar, Chennai

Creative writing need not be the exclusive domain of a selected few. With some practice and effort everyone of us can come up with creative expressions. Creative writing is not just about expressing new ideas. It can also be about expressing an idea in a new way.

The best people to learn creativity from are children. Children in general have high creativity. The problem is we adults fail to notice it and nurture it. Children are creative because they have no inhibition and preconceived notions of any idea. They just allow their thoughts to be free and express themselves. As they grow, the social conditioning and the stereotypical expectation of the adult world stifles their creativity and freedom of thinking.

Just read below an example to understand the ability of children and how it can inspire we adults to be creative:

A father and his son were on a vacation trip to US and were walking along the streets of New York.

A blind man was begging at a junction, with a board written

“I’m blind. Help me.”

The boy wondering about the beauty of New York saw that man and pointing his finger at the beggar said “How nice this place is? But he cannot see it.”

The dad struck by the boy’s expression, took that board and wrote:

“Today is a beautiful day, but I can’t see it.”

The lesson is creativity can come from simple ideas. Always encourage your children to express their ideas.

So, Next time you are out with your family and see anything like that, do not miss out the opportunity to engage your children in coming up with creative expressions.

Try with your children and see if you can come up with creative replacements for standard ones such as:

  1. Do not trespass
  2. Beware of Dogs
  3. Do not disturb me
  4. No sUccess without U

Write your creative expressions below in the comment sections to share it with all parents.

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Comments (84)


    Ginsha says:

    That’s true. Kid’s are more creative in their thoughts especially in the age of 3 to 7 years. But after that they are overburdened with discipline, exams ,studies,extra activities ,rules and regulations.This is what I felt about my kids (I std and 4th std).

    Manju Latha .k says:

    Useful article. Please suggest good caligraphy coaching centres in chennai.

    Suma Manjunath says:

    1. Do not trespass-let’s not move in this way
    2. Beware of Dogs-The dogs won’t listen to me
    3. Do not disturb me-It takes just few mins to be with u
    4. No sUccess without U-U make me sUcceed

    G Kalivaradharajan (guardian) says:

    Yes.learning is endless process. Even we (adults) have the scope of learning from our kids.
    Let us alow them to come out freely.
    Then both of us will have gain.

    Muthukumar says:

    A great article which makes everyone to think critically and write what they think. So, every child should be given the opportunity to write about a place or anything he/she has come past. One way of developing this attitude is to make them write diaries at the end of the day daily.

    Shankar Chavan says:

    1.Do not trespass : I should not go thru this place.
    2.Beware of Dogs : The dogs here are not your friends
    3.Do not disturb me : Please play on your own.
    4.No success without U : I need you for my success

    Bhupesh says:

    Hello everyone. My son is 15 yr old in 10 th std. I feel he is slow in writing. He takes a lot of time in solving sums or other studies. How can i find out that his study speed is right or should be inproved. He is one of the bright students in his class. But not having so good handwrighting. I am looking forword to ur suggestions & comments.

    Aparna says:

    Well ….I should say that many people these days are involved in a rat race for money…more interested in cricket matches and television serials than the growth of children…money is important and teaching children the value of money is even more important…parents are guilty and buying high tech toys for their children ..first use .existing gadgets properly…we can show them program’s on nat George orB BBC …or discuss history..visit zoos etc..but I’m sure parents r simply watching some soap opera or a violent movie ..and spoiling their kids future and minds….

    Prabu says:

    I have a query, can someone please help us out. Both myself and my wife is working. My daughter is 19months old and she is yet to start speaking. Before some 6 to 7 months, she was telling as thatha, but now she is not speaking those words also. She is so hyperactive and dont even sit in a place for a single minute. Whereever she goes if she hear her favorite film songs, immediately she run back to TV and watch that completely. But she is not responding to our words. If we call her as Sanju, she knows very well that we are calling her but she is not responding to our words intentionally. We dont know how to make her listen to our words. Please suggest some ideas to listen to our words and make her speak some words. It may be too early for us to worry but your ideas will bring her upto speed to talk soon. Thanks and looking forward for your ideas.

      Sureish Dnyandeo says:

      Sorry to learn this. When we started a Pre-primary school in 2006 we came in contact with a kid who was recently admitted in kid was talkative at home but in the class was inactive. Teacher tried her best to make her speak but in vain. She thought that the kid was less attentive but it wasn’t true. Kid was learning every letter taught in class but was hiding it’s expressions. Then after some days we saw the kid speaking in the class little bit. Means that ur kid is also very active and give her some time to rise up to your expectation.Secondly u can attract her by playing things which she likes. We husband and wife both were working and our children don’t have grandparents. So I quitted my day job and join the night job. During daytime I give my kids everything they want from me and after 5pm my wife looks after them. Children gets proper care and we are less worried. Sometime I feel I can earn much in the day hours but it will not much benefit to my children. Sometimes these kids do not care what u give them but they are more cautious to how u offer them. At a time both the parents are not needed daily but on holidays u can share every drop of affection on ur child. Specially girls they are so understanding and sensitive it surprises everyone. There should be someone with her to talk and chat. Regular chatting will improve her talking.Hope u may find some ray of light in ur vision.

      Srinivas says:

      Mr. Prabu,

      The problem with regard to child viz., her not starting to speak may be mainly due to the fact that she has not being enough initiated into the habit of speaking. This I perceive since you and your wife being working couples and hence you are leaving your daughter at home (obviously!) I also do not know whether your daughter is left with her grand parents, while you are out for the job. Your daughter would also be feeling lonely and missing you people lot. Thus what I mean to say is that, all these things do factor in, which many(both) working parents do face. The solution for this only lies in your hand, wherein you both should spent considerable time with your child and keep interacting with her and initiate her into the habit of speaking.. But if you are not sparing enough time with your child ( may be due to your working commitment, then find means to atleast place her with her grand parents, so that your child is not emotionally deprived). But no one can substitute ones parents…

      admin says:


      I well understand your plight and have tried to give some points here, you may consider.

      Firstly, children learn to speak the native language only when we constantly engage them in conversation. Listening is the key link that helps child stay connected to the language. It looks like both of you are out at work. Who is staying with the child and does the person speak your native language ?

      Secondly, it looks like your child needs ( not only wants ) your emotional attention on her. This is the prime time when children need quality time with parents, not just physical presence alone, but also your presence in other aspects, namely psychological, emotional, mental and social presence. Spend time in building a bonding with your child. I understand you have constraints now but this ‘ now ‘ is very important in the child’s life. Look at ways to make her ‘ feel ‘ loved, cared and nurtured in your presence.

      Thirdly, make space in time to take her out on more social gatherings, initially to a small crowd, where she will find more children in her age span. You may not try too hard to make her interact but just let her be present at such situations as often as you can give her.

      Fourthly, please talk to the caregiver at home. Discuss the issue with the person in a quiet and unalarming way, seeking his/her own suggestions in this regard, so that the caregiver also feels responsible towards the child’s speech development. Also do ensure child gets proper psychological security in your absence.

      Please feel free to get back to me any time, for further responses from me, if need be.

      Happy parenting !

      Educational Consultant


      Ramya says:

      Sorry to know abt ur situation. To my knowledge all of the above suggestions do sound good. In addition u could also try to get ur assessed for early s ymptoms of autism or any other developmental issues. These could be handled better at earlier stages.

      Selvakumar says:

      Hi Prabu,

      You said that you both are working. we should take care of our children atleast upto 3 years when they are learning new things like speaking, walking, running …
      You have to understand what she really needs may be love, affection, freedom or something different. Then try to fulfill that need and try to come early from office and spend time with your kid. Please avoid the TV mostly otherwise she will addict to TV.

    Dr BILKIS says:

    earlier parents were less aware of many things but had plenty of time. today’s world is full of advanced technology and awareness. today’s children are aware of even those facts that we were not knowing when we were of their age.though every parent wants to give their child the best, still lack in giving them quality time as parents are busy and stuck up with our own issues and have least time to explore kid’s creativity and ideas.parents are keeping themselves so busy that they are least bothered to listen to their children. i think both parents should give atleast 20 minutes in a day to their child and be a good listener. this will not only improve their creativity but also take them towards positivity and help them to become a good person.

    Harish Nair says:

    Yes kids can every imaginative and these skills need to be horned and encouraged early…this article is an eye opener for me.

    Rama Chandra says:

    yes, children do give their creativity….. bt …….we have’nt payed attn…… this platform has made us alert.

    M Gladys Dorisa Nadar says:

    The above article is very simple and interesting we need to give attention to our children in there activities.

    Rajesh Rajan says:

    Really thought provoking on the way we ought to stimulate the creativity of our kids…!

    RANI says:


    any one interested can contact us


    Rohini Shailesh Gajare says:

    Very true. CREATIVITY is there in all of us….BUT v go by CLOCK and shut our mind….V become Machines who r fed to work in a particular manner and any alternative way is not acceptable….By reading this article I m sure at least i will implement what is said.THANKS A LOT

    Saravanan says:

    Simple and effective article. Most of the parents try to cut their kids creativity by shutting them off if they could not answer their creative questions. Instead we need to find answers along with them.

    Mohamed Zainul Abideen says:

    it’s make the children very cretivity

    Mohamed Zainul Abideen says:

    i feel very happy

    RAJESH.R says:

    I agree, dedicating some valueble time for them, would do wonders & they will open-up , taking us to their world

    Ivannan Pandian says:

    TRUE CHIDREN HAVE LOT OF CREATIVITY ….we need to encourage them

    Nandhini says:

    bcos of the fast lifestyle we r trapped in we fail to give attention to these details.this article has alerted me.need to pay more attention to kids and encourage their creativity.

    Spandana says:

    Yes, Children are very smart Now a days. We have to give good platform to express their creativity.

    Kaneez Sogra says:

    yes, children do give their creativity….. bt …….we have’nt payed attn…… this platform has made us alert.

      Alka says: son is 9 yr old .he is quite creative but doesn’t like to write on topics .pls suggest me how to pull his interest towards writing

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