Psychology of Losing Weight (Part 1)
Posted on: November 26, 2010. Comments ( 12 )

Author: Chitra Aravind, Parent from Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai
Consultant Psychologist - (RCI Certified)

Part 2

Almost all of us love to look good and fit as it boosts our self-confidence and makes us feel instantly good. However, due to lot of reasons it’s not possible to stay fit always. You can take a look in to your surroundings and find for yourself that it is rare to see people who are really fit. Most of us try a lot of means to attain fitness.  But not many succeed in their attempts to reach fitness. So the question of Why arises. Ruling out the genetical and medical issues, why normally people find it hard to lose weight? Most of us want to take any steps to lose weight, let it be registering in Gym/yoga/aerobics, buying a slimming machine or gadgets promoted by TV ads to become slim instantly. Provided that all the equipments are ready, but there is no change in weight. Not all who initiate steps for weight reduction tends to give results.

Starting things are really easy but maintaining behaviour consistently is really a difficult task. Ask for yourselves how many of us do follow exercise routines regularly?  Heard of people saying such things…  “From today onwards I am going to do Yoga” ……but end up giving excuses of “No time” ranging from strict office schedules/kids/parties/ill health. Do you really thing it’s hard to squeeze 30 minutes of your day’s time for your body. There may be number of such excuses, “It’s my genes”, “I like myself this”, as a way of protecting ourselves and try to convince ourselves that losing weight is very difficult. But these people would have time definitely to talk on phone, watch TV, day time naps, meet friends etc. That goes to show that your motivation to reduce weight reduction low and also weight reduction is not your real priority.

The first step is to do mental work out before engaging in any physical workout. Have a weight reduction plan for yourself by setting up fitness goal and try hard towards achieving it. You can improve your motivation by writing down the reasons to attain slim body, once the number of reasons exceeds 100 you can’t stop working towards your goal. Just close your eyes and visualize the body-image that you wish to attain. Try visualizing lot of times, whenever you find time. Check your Body Mass Index and set a goal with proper time frame. It will guide you to stay more focussed. To help you more, here are few simple, but rewarding means to reach your fitness goal.

Once the weight reduction goal is set, think positively everyday that it is possible for you to attain the goal within given time limit. It’s important to let go of your negative thoughts and emotions, as it would definitely tamper your goals. In order to do that, find out all negative thoughts about yourself pertaining to weight loss and try substituting with positive thoughts. Eg. One may unconsciously believe that weight loss lead to illness. No matter what they do, they will not loose weight. So, its important to revaluate your thinking pattern. In other cases, they may not be sure that the method of exercise they opt would lead to good results. In these cases it is very important to believe in oneself and the health steps they initiate. Think all positive things about yourself and write it down. Have strong belief in yourself that you can reach the set goal. If you start to speculate pessimistically, you can never achieve the goal and it will definitely let you down. Do not listen to criticism and people who let you down. Positive thinking and belief in the action plan can do wonders. To improve your positive thinking you can write 10 times daily that it is possible to achieve weight reduction goals. It will dissolve subconsciously and drive you towards the goal.

Part 2

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Comments (12)


    Radhika says:

    One of the very simple good way for converting into possitive thought. Smile.

    Uma says:

    Nice article. refreshing my thought and focus on weight reduction

    Rajaram says:

    Instead of treating the excercises as an assignment or compulsion, enjoy what we are doing.

    Example, if one goes out for walking daily, wear good looking comfortable dress, nice good looking shoes etc… and dont forget a mild make-up. (if interested listen to songs while walking), one could feel the enthusiasm and motivation within himself/herself by following this. I have suggested to my friends here to what I am following. Believe me, there are consistant walkers in our small community here and the numbers are ever increasing. Even if we miss 1 or 2 days due to inevitable commitments we will be wanting to walk the next evening/morning. Here the question of loosing the track never arises as we are happily doing.

    This applies also to the people who go for swim or gym etc…

    The motivation doubles when we see ourselves in mirror after some consistant work outs.
    Enjoy your excercises!!! :)

    Sudhalakshmi says:

    Your article is realistic, I liked it, and agree anything practiced becomes a habit and as you said writing down helps a lot as I have started doing it and hope it helps others too. What you need is strong determination and committed to what you wish…

    Geetha Vani Charan says:

    I loose track specially when a family member is sick. How to overcome this ? Any tips on this?

      Chitra says:

      Ms. Geetha,you got to answer this qs?

      Do we loose track and dun eat/dun work on important assignmnts?

      Hope the answer is NO..then, the point is you do not consider exercise routine important deep down your heart..Make it your priority and once it becomes a wont loose track of it..

      Good news is anything practiced for 21 days..becomes a habit difficult to try it all the best..

    vani says:

    good article and a positive motivating one I have started a regime and would like to stick to it hope ur motivation helps me in achieving my goals

    Anuradha says:


    Really it’s a good article and it’s encourging me to continue with my exercises.
    Instead of writing the reasons to reduce the weight, I think, I have to read your article daily to give motivation to me. Thank you.

    Duraivel says:

    good article

    I believe anything that is measured can be improved, if one can measure your weight on a daily basis, then corrective actions on diet and execise can take place automtically

    Geetha says:

    this article is really a motivating one.

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