Psychology of Losing Weight (Part 2)
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Author: Chitra Aravind, Parent from Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai
Consultant Psychologist - (RCI Certified)

Part 1

First set your goals realistically. It’s common for human to expect results very soon. Have you ever tried to lose all 10 kgs in one week or run ten miles the first time out? Setting such impossible goals will definitely lead to failure, and failure will actually punish your efforts, making it even more difficult to stay with your program. Do not stand in front of mirror and immediately compare yourself to those “perfect” human specimens seen in TV/Magazines. The resulting thought will let you down. Keep in mind that every human being is unique and all have their own positive and negative assets.
Everyone wants to see the effect of his or her fitness schedule in a single day; so, you can set yourself for small wins. Motivation must be intrinsic, i.e., should come from within oneself and do not expect others to appreciate your steps. It’s important to nurture and celebrate the small steps you make everyday. Make sure you enjoy the activity, otherwise the next day when you think to get up and exercise, you cannot do, due to boredom. Start and end the exercise routine task with things which interests you. Always look back and see how far you have come towards the goal and not to see how far you have to go. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 kgs, appreciate that you have lost 2 kgs and don’t apprehend that you have 8 more kgs to lose. Reward yourself with modest rewards for successive steps toward your ultimate exercise and weight-reduction goals. The chosen reward must be desirable and consistent with the goals. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, reward yourself with a movie or pants with a smaller waist size rather than a Pizza or Biriyani.
Write down your fitness goal specifying the amount and intensity of exercise program and the weight you intend to achieve. Chart your progress in a notebook. Place it in a prominent place (mirror/refrigerator door), which will give you feedback and enable you to follow the fitness program consistently. It can help in both ways. One is that if your chart shows progress then you tend to continue it. Secondly, if it does not show progress, in order to avoid lag, you will not give any excuse to yourself by saying, “take a day off…just because”. Do not focus on what you did yesterday (“oh god I ate more chocolates yesterday), always focus on present and how you are going to burn those extra calories.
Have you come across a situation of not able to resist box full of your favorite chocolates, ice creams or food you like the most. It is a challenge that you have to face. There is no harm in trying one sweet of your choice. You can dispose the sweets by giving it to your friends or relatives. There by the cue is not in your house at all to tempt you. Or if you happen to eat more sweets more, write it in your health diary and next day do more exercise to rectify more calorie intake. So, this way next time when you think of eating more will present you with the idea of exercising more, which is tougher. After this you could see yourself saying ‘No’ to your favorite sweet. To resist sweet cravings one has to follow healthy eating habits without skipping a single meal. Craving for Sweet is actually more when you are on crash diet, due to more insulin secretion. It is very important to stay on balanced health diet and eat consciously.

It is better to avoid place which will tempt you to eat more, instead you can choose to join health clubs where you can meet people with similar goals. It is better to avoid frequent parties and dinner outside. Other effective plan is to have pictures of your ideal personality/Role Model (Eg. Arnold /Aishwarya Rai) in your personal room. By observing them, you will become more efficient in reaching your goal.
So, get ready to change your attitude towards weight loss, by directing your life towards healthy life style. Start your everyday routine with balanced nutritious diet, healthy eating habits, regular exercise and relaxation. Once your health goal is burning inside you it gives light to the ways and means of reducing weight.
All the best

Part 1

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Comments (5)


    Srinivasen says:

    Whatever be the exercises/work out. I would strongly recommend control over the diet. Do not loose your favourite food. But take in SMALLER QUANTITY. If 6 idlis take four idlies, if 4 chappatis take two chappatis. Anbhor oil fully until you reach your target and lesser oil after the same. During the course of time this can be reduced further and could be spread over 5-6 times. Drink plenty of water in between when you feel hungry.


    TA. Srinivasen

    Zeenath Zarina says:

    good morning….

    in this machine world… all persons irrespective of age should take up their exercise daily…i suggest swimming is the best exercise where strict diet is not required…

    i always prefer swimming than any other exercise…

    pl try swimming and note the change in your body…..

    surely you find the difference….keep your body fit….

    mrs.zeenath zarina
    m/o a.raihana fayisa

    DharmadhikarS B says:

    It is very nice. daily any type of physical exersice i.e Yoga,pranayan,cycling,or walkin will keep you fit

    Chitra says:

    Weight loss should start in the Mind..and develop positive attitude towards weight loss strategies and believe in it

    Rajaram says:

    Instead of treating the excercises as an assignment or compulsion, enjoy what we are doing.

    Example, if one goes out for walking daily, wear good looking comfortable dress, nice good looking shoes etc… and dont forget a mild make-up. (if interested listen to songs while walking), one could feel the enthusiasm and motivation within himself/herself by following this. I have suggested to my friends here to what I am following. Believe me, there are consistant walkers in our small community here and the numbers are ever increasing. Even if we miss 1 or 2 days due to inevitable commitments we will be wanting to walk the next evening/morning. Here the question of loosing the track never arises as we are happily doing.

    This applies also to the people who go for swim or gym etc…

    The motivation doubles when we see ourselves in mirror after some consistant work outs.

    Enjoy your excercises!!! :)

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