Road trip to Mysore/Mudhumalai
Posted on: June 30, 2010.

Author: Saranathan.K
Family vacation of Srirangan(caliber education I std), Priya and Saranathan K, Chennai.

For this summer we went on a road trip from Chennai to Mysore and extended that to Mudhumalai forest (which is on the way to Ooty from Mysore). The beginning itself was so good. I meant the weather. Right from Chennai to Mysore and back, we never used AC in the car! It was so pleasant we drove in fresh air.

Since Chennai Bangalore road is a national highway, the road was excellent. But going from Bangalore to Mysore we made a mistake of getting into Bangalore city to catch the Bangalore-Mysore road. Instead we should have taken Bannergatta road connection to the newer NICE road and proceeded towards Mysore road. We ensured on the way back we did that and saved the time and traffic hassles within Bangalore city.

We stayed in a third floor room in the Mysore hotel. The window was overlooking a beautiful mango tree with lots of green mangoes. In all the evenings we stayed in that hotel starting from the day we checked in; we saw many parrots flying into that tree and eating those mangoes. So started our first day of the holiday on such a pleasing sight! Mysore is next only to Kerala as God’s own country. So much was the greenery around us. We visited and enjoyed quite a few places in and around Mysore including the Zoo and Palace which I guess are the standard places to visit in Mysore

The more exhilarating experience for us was the drive to the jungle resort in Mudhumalai forest passing through Bhandipur forest. Not only was the drive so enchanting, but the icing on the cake was the evening jeep safari we took after checking into the Jungle resort. During the jeep safari we saw some wild bisons, wild dogs, some peacocks etc. At one point we saw a wild mother elephant with its calf eating. We stopped the jeep to take a good look.  Suddenly without any warning the mother elephant took a couple of steps towards us. Our guide who had stopped the engine, started the jeep, but then the elephant went back to eating and so we just idled the jeep and stayed put to enjoy them. Within the next few minutes a van passed us and that disturbed the elephant so much that it once again charged us by advancing good few paces towards and us and trumpeting loudly.
Boy was that scary?! We decided enough was enough and requested our guide cum driver Maasi to move away from that place. Our hearts were beating faster for sure during those few moments, but it was worth all the thrill and excitement at that time!

Within Mysore there is a national park close to the hotel we stayed which has a lake called Karanji. It was also a beautiful place and when we thought boating and walking here was the best, we saw there was a bird watch tower. One can walk up the tower and get a full round view of the lake and the surrounding peaks and greenery. What a sight it was! Everything came together for us, the height, the time (it was around 5 pm), the weather, absence of other people (we went in June first week). It was more than a bird’s eye view. We could see the birds flying in and out of the trees located in the middle of the lake. We spent close to 40 minutes there and it was heaven!

Another place we went which caught our imagination was a place called Barachukki. This is about 75 kms from Mysore. It’s a water fall to which one needs to walk down some steep stone steps. At the place where the water falls, there is a small pond of water where we can go in a round boat and we can go pretty close to the place where the water falls and the feel the water on ourselves pushed by the wind!

We took a week for this Mysore trip. My cousin says there are lot more places we missed and going by our experience, we would not hesitate a moment to grab another opportunity to visit Mysore and spend more vacations there.

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