A Crocodile named Rain cloud – Part II
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Author: Mrs.Radhika Mohan, Educational Consultant

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A handsome young man emerged from the waters of the river Irrawaddy. Who was this young man?

Why, it was none other than Rain cloud, the crocodile. The young man walked into the nearby village and started working as a painter, an artist who captured on canvas, all the beauty of the incredible blue of skies, soaring birds, nesting craves and the silver gray of Irrawaddy waters. While painting, one day he met a beautiful young girl Soe Mein, promptly fell in love with her and shortly later, married her.

Rain cloud and Soe Mein lived an idyllic existence in a happily built house near the river Irrawaddy.

As fate would have it, a boy was born in a village close to Irrawaddy. He remembered the boon he had asked God and by the time he turned sixteen, he was the Master of  White Magic.

On his seventeenth birthday, Moe Kyaw, walked to the bank of the river, dipped his magic wound into it and bellowed loudly “Rain cloud”.

Rain cloud was sleeping in his house. On hearing the voice, he woke up with a start, filled with fear. He, at one, recognized the voice of his old father and set out of the house.

His wife, Soe Mein, seeing he agitated, pleaded him not to go. Rain cloud narrated all of his life story to her and said, “I have to pay the price for my deed. Let me go”.

Again he heard the loud growling voice of  Moe Kyaw and hurried faster, not wanting his father to wait, any longer to take revenge. With a heavy heart, Rain cloud knew that the only way he could end the vicious cycle was through his death.

By the time Ye Myint shouted for the third time, Rain cloud turned into a crocodile once again and came out of the waters. Ye Myint lost no time in taking revenge. He lifted his magic waud, touched Rain cloud and lo! Rain cloud was killed instantly.

But yet another surprise awaited him. Ye Myint had not anticipated that Rain cloud would leave something for him. He watched in surprise as Rain cloud’s upper body and legs turned into rubies and his lower limbs into pure gold.

Ye Myint were filled with remorse. Although he got his wish, he has lost his son’s life. He realized revenge never pays anybody but only leaves behind one, with a heavy heart and years of regret to live with.

Ye Myint did not touch the riches Rain cloud left. He silently walked away, throwing one sorrowful glance at all the riches Rain cloud had left him with.

A little later, Soe Mein came along in search of her husband. Her eyes desperately wandered around everywhere looking for her beloved and finally landed on the pile of rubies and gold. Looking at all of it, she understood that he was dead. She collected the rubies and gold, tears welled up in her eyes, eyes that would never see him again.

She built a pagoda in the name of Rain cloud. It still remains today, standing on the bank of the river Irrawaddy where Rain cloud had lived and loved the place of his living and the place of his death where he had died.

It is said that those who visit the pagoda, even today, have their heart’s desires fulfilled.

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