Awaken the Genius in your child by Shakuntala Devi
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Review by Manogar, a dad from Chinmaya Vidyalaya Hr.Sec. School, Chennai.

I was a little apprehensive when I started to read the book… The author is Smt. Shakuntala Devi, a genius in her own right, that too a mathematical genius who is called as ‘the human computer’!

I was wondering whether the ideas of a mathematical genius would be too much for an average parent like me to grasp.

By the time I finished reading the book, I felt sorry for my wrong notions. What a wonderful book! I could now understand why the book has seen 14 editions so far! It’s a master piece and a must read for all parents who want to give their children their best.

The book is full of productive ideas, told in a simple and lucid style. It helped me re-discover the positive parent in me. The author’s voice is gentle and convincing and she never preaches, but guides.

If there is one single theme that could be identified as pivotal to this book, it is this:’ Reinforce the positive image of the child. A genius blossoms only in positive circumstances’. The author keeps on telling us.’ Never, never underestimate your child’s intelligence. Don’t destroy his self image. Never have a negative attitude towards your child. Believe in your child and you will communicate that sense of belief to your child’.

Surely, words to remember and follow!

The author does not hesitate to shatter some of our pet, wrong ideas. She points out that video games and computer are very much part of a child’s world and depriving your son of electronic games is the biggest mistake you can make.

All along a gentle guide, the author talks tough while discussing the sexist approach of some parents. She declares that ‘there is no rule in the world that boys and girls, by their very gender, have to play a particular role in society. A genius plays all the roles’.

I would like to share with readers some of the gems of thoughts found in the book:

- Be your child’s guide and play mate.

- Guide gently, do not order.

- Nurture a love for knowledge.

- Adopt the fun-to-learn attitude.

- Monitor TV Programmers.

- Take your child out with you from a very young age.

The language is a delight at many places. Sample this. In Chapter 8, the author advises you to ‘include the day’s experiences in the Dinner Menu’.

Finally, I had a small regret after finishing the book. ‘If only I have read the book when my children were small kids….’

I have no hesitation in recommending the book to all, especially young parents.

Review by Manogar, a dad from Chinmaya Vidyalaya Hr.Sec. School, Chennai.

I am Manogar, working as Chief Commercial Inspector/ S. Rly, Chennai. Interested in reading & writing. My Tamil poems (Pudhu kavithaigal) have been published in mags including A/vikadan.

Wife is home-maker, my better half-in every sense of the term.

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Comments (17)


    Hemal J Shah says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information.

    Sandhya Nayel says:

    Thanks for the wonderful review….

    Ruchira Ramesh says:

    cannot wait to read the book, thanks for the info Mr Manogar….

    Vrinda says:

    thank you so much sir for sharing this, it will really be very helpful.

    Vikram Praveenbhatt says:

    Thank you so much sir for sharing such an important information. Just checked on Flipkart but the book is currently out of stock. Am looking forward to have one & implement as many things as i can. Thank you once again.

    Gazala Qureshi says:

    i would like to think of myself as a positive parent and also a very patient one my girl is 18yrs old on her own and is quite independent but my boy whose 9yrs is a total dreamer and struggles academically though i get disheartened at times i do not show my feelings to him i would deftly lookout for tips in this book this season would get back soon

    Karunakar Shetty says:

    sir,thank u very much 4 sharin ur reviews…

    Radhika says:

    Thanx a lot for giving many hopes to the parents who really don’t think positive about their children

    Moni Bhushan says:

    how can one order the book?

    Nadhiya says:

    Thank you very much Mr. Manogar for sharing. It’s really helpful for all parents.

    Nithya says:

    Thank you for sharing…I am buying this book right now…………

    Janarthanan says:

    i really impressed.thank you for sharing

    Venkateswara Rao says:

    I really impressed with your reviews. Where can I get this book to purchase? is it available in all stores every where in India? As I am in Pune (Maharastra) can I get this book by order? If you can suugest in this I am very thankful to You.

    Kind Regards

    P V Rao
    Parent for child in Lalaji Memorial Omega Int. School

      Deepa says:

      Manoharje thanks 4 this review bcos this helps many parents as well as many children right from the toddlers. keep doing this 4 the sake of bright and prosperous country, India because children who are well brought up are the asset of a developing country

    Anuradha says:

    After reading your review, I really feel like reading this book as aI am the parent of a 5 year oldchild.

    SUJATHA says:

    we live abroad.any possibilities of reading this book via internet?

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