CCE pattern – A boon or a bane
Posted on: August 23, 2011. Comments ( 31 )

Author: Ms. Lavanya, a mom from Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai.

I want to know how CCE pattern is absorbed by schools, teachers, parents and students. On the surface, CCE looks lucrative with a scope to assess a child’s overall performance. But looking into the nitty-gritty, a child is made to work a lot, complete a lot of assignments, projects, concentrate on the extra-curricular activities, prepare for n number of tests – all at the same time. Would it make life easier for all of us if the assignments are planned in such a way that a child is required to submit for only one subject per day? And the way portions paper reaches the parents, it would be better if the assignment schedule also reaches well in advance. Too many tests with very less time for revision are adversely affecting the students. Teachers are left with no time to interact with the students but to deliver their syllabus in a mechanical manner. This is only a speck, there are more problems. Children who stay far away from the school are more taxed due to travel too. Ultimately, children don’t have time for anything, no play, no relaxation. Are we setting the trend right? There are n numbers of holiday homework. So the concept of holidays is getting eroded. Is this a good sign? Will we be able to create a young and healthy India? I request the teachers to discuss what is required from students to the level that how they should prepare for the tests and how they can score better. Rote learning does not help in CBSE. If a child has to apply, it should be given a scope of working and preparing. When all the time is gone for writing, how can that be achieved. I request a panel discussion on this and want many parents to participate and express their views.

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Comments (31)


    Shirly Chacko says:

    cce pattern to reduce the burden of a child. Is it really happening like that .The HR minister should look into it .It is used to victmise the adolescence .Teachers are using it as a weapon to demotivate the children and using it as a weapon to extract money from parents .Please stop this system let the children learn the subjects properly

    Suryakumari says:

    looks like parents have forgotton the tremendous scope for ‘partiality’…infact a teacher actually said, 60 per cent is now in our hands!
    as regards projects, i have realised that after all the time & hard work, slogging along with the child, he gets less marks as compared to the ‘bought’ ones…the child feels so very demoralised as his original self made one does not stand up to his classmates’…and he actually ends up getting lesser marks! strangely, the teacher herself shared the address where to buy and now we do that and he gets full marks….sadly speaking, am relieved and happy :-( anybody wants to know, its at ritchie street…ranging from 80 bucks to 200 bucks…you have them all!
    having said all this, i would like to add that the teacher’s job is actually too very burdensome with so many intricate parameters to assess each child…i wouldn’t actually blame the teacher as at the end she/he is also a victim of the new system which is actually very good for a very small populace..not at all for our minimum 45 batch size of 10 batches in each class scenario!

      Vijayalakshmi says:

      Complaint of ‘partiality’ is absurd. One thing that all the kid should attempt without even being taught or advised is to earn the good regards from the teacher. Schools should not be turned in to an industry producing morons who are fit only with gadgets and robots!

        Suryakumari says:

        strangely facts always do sound absurd…even the option of writing the X Board exam is misused by ‘prestigious’ schools saying if you opt for board conducted sa 2, your ward will not be given admission for compulsorily the child has to write the school conducted sa 2…now entire 100% is in the teacher’s hands…kapil sibal, listen! when will the child learn to face external evaluation…directly in XII only

          Vijayalakshmi says:

          First the parents have to learn to face the real world. If they fall prey in the trap laid by the school, than they can not blame rest of the world for it! The schools does it not only to ensure their own admissions in +2 but also to feed students for the private engineering colleges that have a link with them. They seldom say the requirement of Board exam appearance in many state Government services and also in competitive exams like NDA, AFMC etc. Unfortunately most of the parents in the Southern State educate their wards only for a big salary in MNC IT companies, not knowing that they are being deceived by a mirage in their vision. If someone is keen on greater career requiring patriotic services, they better should equip themselves now not to be deceived by the school management.

          All the government and many others patronized open University education in 1990s. But now (just in 20 years) all are saying it as not sufficient for employment. Don’t fall in to the trap thinking that you gain benefit by a indirect reservation by opting for school exam. Even the benefit of government reservation seldom gets delivered to the rightly deserving candidates and so it is foolish to believe the school management.

    Savitha says:

    CCE-of course is a good system for our children,but yet to get implemented with a planned focussed approach.Though our children are able to explore things and be able to learn various concepts,it is the question of time and planned activities we need to focus.Children are loaded with huge portions and regular assessments besides their projects and co-curricular activities.Where is the time for revision?The teachers do not find time to give adequate revision in school and the burden again on the students rather the parents.If such activities are scheduled during the holidays itself and are given during the academic year beginning itself like a year plan-definitely it would help tha students and the teachers of course the working parents too to do proceed in a planned manner.

    Vimaca Angelus says:

    I do share your concern about the kids not getting to play etc… Any new pattern takes some time to settle.Parents ,teachers and of course the kids need time to get used to this CCE concept.Its a good concept which keeps the kids on their toes and reminded of work.Kids will do well do not pressure them by dumping your own concerns parents please…
    Kids accomodate very easily.Its just a matter of few months before the kids gets adjusted.I have two kids one in ix and other in iv they are getting along well.CCE is awesome gives hope to kids !!!

    Priyanka says:

    In the school where my children are studing, CCE was introduced last year and I had found it extremely painful!!!! Both my children are small (last yr they were in 4th n 1st)and I had to put in lot of labour along with them to prepare them for various competitions, to help them complete their assignments etc.. Being a working mother, I had become extremely irritated with the system. However, this yr, I’m noticing a small change in them. They, too, are geared up for all the projects, assignaments, exams, etc. They are getting interested in the world beyond their books. My elder one has started watchnig programmes on Animal planet as there are lot of assignments related to animal kingdom. She has also learnt to browse the net to find material for her projects. She knows that she has to submit a project and she tries to do them in time irrespective of the fact whether I tell her or not. I will like to share the topic of 1 of her assignments: write a paragraph each on 5 types of snakes. You know, she browsed the net, locatde the information and in the evening told me about 10 types of snakes and their peculiarities….. I was impressed as I would not be able to tell the names of 10 snakes myself!!! My younger one also understands that she has to finish her assignments in time. As far as exams are concerned, the continuous small-small exams ensure that they are always up-to-date. I am not feeling the usual pain for the upcoming SA-1. They know most of the syllabus! Also, since, the portions are smaller, the teacher goes beyond the exercises given at the back of the chapters while preparing exams. The children know their subjects more deeply.. I am quite satisfied. Although, the load is definitely more, I feel that its a good way to keep the kids away from T.V.!!! Atleast I look at it positively. Some parents seem to be complaining that they have to put in lot of labour along with kids, I feel that, maybe, its best for parents to learn to allow their wards to become self reliant. It is matter of a yr or 2 and we’ll see how independent children will become. Definitely, close co-operation between parents and teachers is needed. Maybe, that will take some more time to get inculcated. Another important issue that some parents have raised is – partiality. See, I believe, that everybody, faces partiality at some point or the other. This yr maybe the teacher is not favouring your child, next yr s/he maybe the apple of the teacher’s eyes. This is like a cycle and we have to teach kids to rise above this partiality thing. Ideally, teacher should love her students equally but it doesn’t happen that way. Maybe, since, all kids would have faced partiality during their growing up yrs, they’ll not get affectd by it after they’ll grow up.

    So, in conclusion, I want to say that this may not be the best methad of teaching, but it definitely has some benefits over the pure learning by heart methedology.

      Lavanya says:

      I am very happy about each response. This forum definitely helps an overflow of ideas.

      As for CCE, my point is that, the pattern is very good; no doubt about it. It makes children research and present ideas. Fine. But on the other hand, one of the assessment criteria remains the same. Assessment based on assignments – this aspect requires a lot of planning from the school’s end. No child should be dumped with too much of writing work – at least not when tests like FA or SA is nearing. They should be left with at least one week to study. Children at the higher classes like IX and X should also get ample time to read, study, and comprehend and that is where we parents get stuck when the child says he/she has a lot to write and hence no time to study.

        Asha says:

        Hi all,
        This CCE system is definitely not helping the children as they have got some aversion towards studies as they do nothing else but studies daily. They are taxed a lot and given FA1, FA2, Midterm exam, SA1 all in a stretch with just very few days gap inbetween. This has created a gap between me and my kid. She has started to dislike me because i keep asking her to study for her exam. My husband is in her good books as he always has time only to pet her after coming from office. It is we the mothers who have to fight with them to make them study. This system is a burden for the children, parents and teachers. In no way it has reduced the pressure. It has only worsened the situation. Studies should be there, but that is not the only thing in life. Children should have time to play, do some extra curricular activities, etc. Most of the day they are at school. Very few hours they are at home. In that few hours, we have to definitely given them some breathing time after coming from school. Then we have to definitely compel them to study after an hour or so. This is a torture.. If we dont make them study daily the portions will get accumulated and completing it before exam will become hectic and difficult. I have been searching for this kind of discussions in the net and finally found this here. Cant something be done for this CCE system? Is changing the children to samacheer the only option for us? Our children are bright and can definitely do well, but this system is making them dislike studies and i really dont know where this will end. Why is CBSE doing it compulsory for all CBSE school? Are there parents who agree with me? If yes please reply…

    Selvarani says:

    Really a good topic to discuss. I honestly like the CCE more mugup. Purely using your brain to think and analyze the facts and to understand the actual meaning of what you read.No more judgment based on marks alone in lower classes. Freedom of thought and speech. I am an Software employee..sometime I feel I am surrounded by people though professionals are no more then just a no more a mill labour working for US or UK Clients. Just doing what is said to you without expressing your opinion or suggestion,making our brain slave of these developed nation. We are always stressed due to our limited thoughts and actions and fear of rejections.

    I definitely don’t want my son or daughter to be the same as me.I want them to talk their opinion , read the advance technologies and understand in their own way and have the guts to correct them-self with their experiences without the fear of society’s views on their work and enjoy whatever they are doing.

    CCE is all about this. Preparing us to compete globally. Only thing required is the parent to understand and realize it first. Support them instead of blaming the system and writing the HW for the kids. We need to change our thought towards life and adjust our lifestyle to the convince of our kids to gain the benefit of education.

    My daughter talks and understands about global warming, Robatics,Anna hazare,child labor…which I think, I would have done in the age of 12 myself due to her projects and assignments. Though,it’s difficult initially but in long run definitely it will be helpful to our kids . The day is not very far when our kids will not require FITJEE classes or Olympiad tests in 6th grade itself to prove their efficiency to become a professional.All that’s needed is patience and understanding by the parents.

    As a parent,we should not be a cause of our stress.

    Tholasingam says:

    Dear madem
    How is T.THRILOK Pree kg B SECTION
    and how is his activities in class room

    T.R.Sudha says:

    Hi all,
    I am a mother of a six-year-old in his grade I. On the first place, I myself don’t get the hang of how this CCE pattern works. because in his previous school where he studied(It is a matric. school), he was of course given written work and holiday homework too, but not like this. In the school where he is studying now (It is CBSE) writing work is too heavy and tests are conducted on a regular basis. I don’t understand the concept at all. OK teachers are trying to train the kids keeping their future in mind (that’s what is being claimed by the teachers of these CBSE schools), what is the purpose as too much of writing or reading or for that matter, writing tests, will eventually create an aversion towards learning, on the part of the child. It is not going to iniitate into reading rather make them keep away from it. And I was told that CCE is not a good assessment of a child’s progress if the teacher is biased. if she/he is going to be prejudiced in her assessment, then nobody will know where your child stands rather mock him ultimately making the child develop an inferiority complex. My son has already developed an aversion to go to his school because of his teachers who he feels are sidelining him. I dunno why. They don’t pass on the required details either. If they are planning for an assignment, it will be informed only the previous day and enough cushioning period will not be given for working moms like me. If the child is a defaulter, then naturally her grades as far as the CCE is concerned are going to come down. so what is the use. do explain. I endorse Anuradha’s and others’ views about the pattern. There should be equal parent-teacher meeting and the classes should not have more than 25 students. only then personal attention is possible. If the school aims to bring out the innate talents of the kids, then they have to work in a proper way, unbiased, with open thoughts. Most of the schools don’t like parents giving suggestions and they mark out the respective wards and give biased assessments. you can never question them. Do you agree with this? I know someone who has undergone such treatment just because she gave her piece of mind on why children are made to do so much of homework? atrocious sometimes.?!
    If there is a signature campaign yes, do include me. We parents should come together, after all, we are doing this for our kids’ future.
    do join the campaign.
    hari om

    Radhika says:

    I do share many of the concerns that the posts show.
    Yes , the children seem to be assessed all the time. They are writing more tests and doing a whole lot of projects .However we parents need to also educate ourselves on the science behind CCE as I still see many mothers scrutininsing answer sheets of their child and admonishing them for losing the 2 marks his/her friend otherwise scored. This attitude has to change.

    From the school side the student teacher ratio should not be more than 30: 1 .if not, how accurately can the teacher translate these performances to a valid assessment of the child is a cause for concern, as many activities need close observation of the child as per the CCE. In a class of 50 students with a single teacher can this system be really employable? It is a herculean task…
    All I can say is that the pressure and competition continue…

    Vijayalakshmi says:

    Lucrative? I think the meaning is misunderstood. CCE is only for IX and X and that is very much a right thing to do at that stage. There is nothing wrong if the parent is trouble and the child is stretched as long as nobody is going to die of doing assignment and homework. Holidays at these classes should have an academic orientation and so the parents should avoid planning without considering the CCE requirements. Both the parent and the child will see rewards in +1 and +2 stage that is now very strenuous without prior CCE foundation

    I have earlier posted that what is there is CCE is exactly the same thing that the old SSLC book of the Tamilnadu board had. Unfortunately it got abandoned.

    Any scheme will be followed sincerely as long as the teachers are paid adequately for it. The CBSE schools are well regulated in this aspect and hence CCE will not be derailed.

    Ramaguru Prasad says:

    I feel most of the people whether it is parents, teachers or students have not understood the concept of CCE. Since it is only 1 year old it will take time to sink in the idea with teachers themselves. The concept behind this is to ensure students learn rather than remembering. The goal is not to score 100% marks. The reason for continuous and comprehensive evaluation is to move away from 100% phobia. Even teachers think continuous evaluation means they have to give more tests. But that is not the case. Teachers have a very important role in nation building identifying the strengths and weaknesses of students and preparing them for different roles in the society. Education is not just about scoring marks, it is skill building. We have seen of late lot of wrong people occupying high levels in Government and private enterprises which leads to unethical practices and wrongdoings without hesitation. This problem can not be solved instantly unless we start working on fixing it by preparing the next generation. Parents should empower their children to do their projects. Even if they do not get any idea that is fine, but parents doing their children’s projects what are we trying to prove? We need to be sincere to ourselves. The focus should be on developing ideas in children not impose our ideas on children. Even if the child says one word on the project it is good. In spite of all these, if you want your child to be topper that really comes with superb effort, which is really deserving on the student. We need to get away from the phobia of scoring 100% marks. I was surprised to see so many 10/10 CGPA in last year’s 10th std. exam. I feel CCE is good for students and for future generations. We can not see instant results but it will show results slowly. It needs time to sink in.

    Manamalli says:

    My daughter is in I Std. The syllabus is good. But there is no change in the concept of teaching to students and the way the teachers want to remember the subject. The assessment tests pretend to include all aspects of child. No change in series of tests and marks awarded based on test.

    Anuradha says:

    I do agree. These projects and assignments are no way going to help the children instead we parents are only improving our knowledge and gaining stress which would in no way help us anymore. This is the homework given for parents. already the children have too much to study and we are stressing them, I think these things are not necessary. I would be happy if there is something which would help the child to improve his/her creativity and knowledge. Children should enjoy their childhood as we did. So there should be an comfortable education system, which the children should enjoy and learn.

    Poornima says:

    Hi..Not a single person has denied what has been said in this article and I’m no different. CCE has definitely made things more stressful for everyone…be it the student or parent or the teachers. So why don’t we come together and express this anxiety to the ultimate heads of the respective schools? I really think that we need to write an article like this and get it signed by the parents of our class and take it to the ultimate heads of our respective schools…this might help in putting across our thoughts more seriously.

    Sudesh Nambiar says:

    The new pattern will be Good if the School following it in proper manner , the system now following is more stressful for students, after coming to home they all spending time only in writing . The time for preparing for regular tests are very less.

    Padmavathy says:

    cce pattern is complicating the child’s life.we dont know how and how much marks are awarded for projects,handwriting, neatness etc. and how they add on to the original curriculam.I find that my son does’nt get good grades even after hardwork.

    Nandakumar says:

    There is no change in the way the school teaches due to change to CCE. Its the same as always and school is not equipped with teachers to understand the purpose of CCE and no way it helps the children to excel in extra curricular activities. As said here, it becomes more mechanical for both academic as well as the extra curricular activities. It makes the child more stressful and won’t be able to enjoy the life given to him/her. Children outperform the teachers and parents in this generation. So they are able to absorb more interms of academic or extra curricular activities. But the school gets a name and they earn money out of it. I don’t see any school which has better teachers nowadays even if there are some, they leave after a few years. Education especially teaching needs people who has passion towards it. But due to lucarative salary outside people don’t come to teaching.

    anusha says:

    I do agree with ms lavanya we parents are atlast doing projects assignments etc. And we are forced directly to put our children in somany classes like drawing, handwrilting, karate, swimming, music, dance etc there is complex between children . They compare that this child is going for 2 classes and that child is for 4 classes etc. So we end up no time to play and spend with family members slowly they losing the happy young days with tiresome classes and workload from school.No need to say about the money we spend for all these classes and also about entry fees etc.

    Lavanya says:

    My children’s school has declared two days holidays and the teachers have ardently given a lot of written homework… and invariably all of them have to be submitted day after tomorrow. I seriously wish that the emergency shown in giving such a lot of written work does not backfire in demotivating children. Personally, am happy seeing you all reply… i would be happier if at least one of the key school authorities read through the lamentations and save all the children from such a burden of writing without understanding.

    Chaya says:

    CCE concept is good only if teacher and school is very serious about student’s growth. Otherwise it is just a add -on work for teachers. I have n’t seen any improvement in my son’s knowledge or etc.,
    CCE is helping sports coaching classes, drawing classes etc., to make money. I think in a matter of time coaching classes tie up with school and become a big lobby….
    By the by, if the child is good at art ,music and dance what way the school can help? they r busy in finishing the portion.

    Saradapriya says:

    Regarding the Projects I do agree, most of the times parents end up doing them(which we wud not have done while we schooled!!!!) because teachers entrusted it on us.

    Lalitha says:

    I wonder how the author forgot the remaining ‘the great olympiads’ ’science exhibition’ etc. etc. I personally feel parents are directly or indirectly forced to make the child participate, be it under their perview, ability level or not. What bothers even more is the umpteen number of so called ‘entry fees’ for all these!
    It may be harsh but true that the children don’t seem to understand the core of concepts, especially in Maths n Science. Papers after papers… without any meaning attached to them. Pathetic. I have two children studying in two different CBSE schools, with different CCE patterns in terms of mode of evaluation, weightage etc. Howz it possible? The fact that the pattern itself is confusing and taxing cannot be denied.

      Lavanya says:

      Very true. Not only money for Olympiad tests, there are special coaching classes exclusively for Olympiads. The pain list goes on further. Tuitions, FIIT JEE, swimming, cricket, dance, music, handwriting, abacus all through the week have also become mandatory… when we mothers come back home after a tiring long day, we run to take printouts, buy project materials, amid household chores… don’t know where it is leading to…

    Anuradha says:

    Agree. The pattern is very hard to follow children are not learning instead parents do more assignment and projects, the purpose of giving the assignment is not get fulfilled. CBSE school should get the feedback about the pattern from the parents and to follow them.

    Radhika says:

    Cannot but agree with whatever is being said in the article

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