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Author: The Academic Head, ICAT Design & Media College

The term, “creativity” refers to ideas, inspiration, new ways, different approaches, lateral thinking or establishing connections where there are no obvious ones between the particular and the general.

We always relate creativity with artists and artistic Medium. But creativity is much more than art. It actually is an integral part of our life itself. In fact life is an amazing creation in this universe and everything that we think and do is creative. Creativity does not only rely upon crafts and hobbies, we can be creative in everything we do. We see creativity in everything we see around us – sometimes may be without realizing the impact of it.

We actually are more creative and innovative or imaginative than what we think we are. Children, look at things in their own, unique way. We close down a small part of our creativity when we face an obstacle and when we are taught to do things in an usual way that everyone is used to doing. We are taught to see things as everyone else, do things as everyone else does, and end up in losing our individuality, our own sense of innovation.

We can get hold of some creativity back to our lives by doing our daily works a little differently by observing what we are doing. Keep asking yourself is there any better way of doing things in a different manner? Can you do it more efficiently which may be more effective? More fun to do? How would you move forward if you were doing it for the first time? Can you add someone else’s point of view and work accordingly?

Unearth the child in you, who perceives things with new eyes and is eager to try – not scared of failure. As we grow up, we always measure new ideas with our experience. We eliminate them if it is not practical according to us, sometimes without giving them much consideration at all. But what didn’t work a decade ago might work beautifully at present, as life changes and we change along with it.
However in the field of creative education an exquisite balance is sought between the spontaneous and the intellectual. The accepted creative fields where one’s capacity and of course urge to express oneself are the newer mediums such as Fashion, Graphic Design, Animation, the Communication Arts and Three Dimensional Design, Product Design, Game Design. Creative outlook and thought process is very much sought after all over the world even in education methods itself.

The conventional career options though still in demand seem to be passé…it’s the age of the New age careers in Media and Design.

Parents and students today are well aware of the various diverse career options. They do encourage education in the creative fields. Some years back the activity in the Indian Art market which resulted in Art being considered as an investment, brought awareness in Indians about possible careers which could be lucrative as well, beyond the love of it all.

Universities around the world, including India also began to feel the need to formalize the learning that was for long wanting in these streams in formats that are now understood and acceptable even in industry.

There is a huge demand for all specializations in three dimensional designs as India now has its own highly developed industries that require visual appeal in their products for the vast home market. Multimedia exhibitions and events, digital applications whether for the mobile phone, television or the web are now an everyday phenomenon where design plays a very important role.  The advertising industry too is growing and changing with new marketing concepts keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the media industry.

Communicating the right message to the right audience through an appropriate media in the most creative /appealing manner has become paramount. It all requires serious education in the creative streams to do it right and not only acquire software skills.

On a concluding note, creativity only comes from creation, in other words it is about doing, and those who like to do things will always do it better each time. An educated performer can analyze what is given and convert to advantage with the medium as the mode of enhanced expression. The future is in the new age creative professions. There is respect, satisfaction and adulation in it. And Gen Next seems to be more than eager to embrace it. Those who love the independence and flexibility of careers in motion (with their education and creative base) are confident beings assured of the future.

Comments (8)


    kanji daka says:

    The topic is very good it will help my child in her time ideas and it is a good explanation

    Anand says:

    If you want to be more creative think “IMAGEMINDS”

    Jitendra Laxmanbade says:

    Good thing mentioned.These are thinks we hardly look into but they are equally important as every thing in life adds to the beauty of nature.
    Mankind itself is a massive pool of though as each individual has a different way of looking at thinks.

    G Santi Sarvani says:

    topic is good.

    Shunmugaraj says:

    Great thought, as the author rightly said our system and social exposure has hampered & constrained our creativity. Also wish to add that the article is more specific, importance of creativity with respect to career orientation & career options. Would like to hear more about the ways to imbibe creativity, creativity in a broader perspective

    Nidhi says:

    a very good article for creativity as i am myself a creative person taking craft classes whatever you said is true

    Harshitha says:

    It is true that those who love the flexible career in creative base are confident beings assured of the future.

    Nithyadevi says:

    Fine topic and very good explanation.

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