Cycling – Robust way to fitness – Part 1
Posted on: December 23, 2011. Comments ( 1 )

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Keep fit, tone up!

Riding to school, college or to work is a great way to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. It boosts your amount of exercise without eating into valuable leisure time. Best of all, cycling is a great way to help lose weight and stay fit. An hour of moderate cycling can burn anything from 400 to 800 calories an hour, giving you a well-rounded workout that’ll grow on you as you get used to cycling on a regular basis.

Keep calm

The regularity of pedaling helps reduce stress. It fits into your daily routine and works well to keep your mind sharp and tension free.

Healthy heart, happier life

Cycling encourages a healthier lifestyle. It reduces the risk of heart conditions, lowers blood fat levels and strengthens heart muscles.


Cycling is the best way to travel short distances. No pollution, no noise and ample time to enjoy your surroundings. So play your part towards the making of a cleaner world.

Save time

Riding your bike can help reduce the time you spend commuting, as short journeys in most cities are quicker by a bicycle.

Save money

By riding to work you can save money on fuel and transportation costs. Once you’ve made the initial purchase, the cost of running a bike is virtually nil.

Have fun!

Cycling can change your daily commute from something you dread to something you look forward to. Fresh air, exercise, and the time to look around your environment means that you enjoy every day of your life. If biking through the city makes you feel nervous, simply go for early morning rides when the streets are empty and the air is fresh.

Hassle free riding

Money is the least of your concerns, with no fuel to worry about and maintenance being a simple issue.

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Comments (1)


    Nandakumari K G says:

    We should encourage to learn cycling among kids and elders to use.

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