English Worksheets for all – Don’t miss it. Part 1
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We all know English is the language of all and basic skills in speaking and writing English is essential for anyone to succeed both in Academic and Professional Life. A well written or spoken message can convey the standards of our professionalism we posses and thereby increase credibility and trust in our interactions.

Yet, many of us, especially non-native speakers of English, including parents and children, do not practice enough to ensure our language proficiency.

We have often heard of usage such as “I can’t able to ….” even among professionals. Imagine such a usage in front of a client;Imagine your child picking up such a wrong usage of English from you.

The challenge, many claim though, is that we do not find enough material to learn from and practice with.

Here is a great online resource, EnglishForEveryone that you can use to help your child learn good English and for you too! And the good news it is all FREEEEEEEE.

The first step is learning any language is to read as much material in that language as possible. A Reading Comprehension exercise to read and then to answer questions based on what you read helps you find out how much of what you read, have you understood.

The Reading Comprehension Worksheets offered by EnglishForEveryone come in three different levels of difficulties for children of different age groups: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Then comes the writing exercise. Often people start writing with ideas they have in mind but they are either limited by their vocabulary or doubts on how to complete the message. So, a Sentence Completion exercise is a good way to begin learning more words and how to employ them in a sentence. Again the worksheets come in multiple levels based on the complexity appropriate for different age groups.

Some samples of Sentence Completion exercises:

  • Low Beginner: Right now,  She _________ on the phone.
  • High Beginner: Kristi exchanged her _________ car for a new one of higher __________.
  • Intermediate: Though we may not always agree with the politicians in power, living in a democracy is a ______. People in many parts of the world don’t have similar ______.
  • Advanced: Today Dr. Lehr gave a(n) ______ lecture, on the philosophical doctrine of existentialism, to our freshman class. The topic was too esoteric, and should have been simplified for such a ______ audience.

Once you have gained reasonable level of vocabulary, the next big challenge is narrating the story or expressing the ideas with appropriate Verb Tenses as it relates to the time associated with the story or the message being conveyed. And the usage of the right form of the verb is essential to ensure the audience understand the context and relevance of the message or the story.  The Verb Tenses worksheets include exercises for

  • Simple Present: I play tennis every day.
  • Simple Past: I played tennis every day.
  • Simple Future: I will play tennis with you tomorrow.
  • Present Continuous: I am playing tennis now.
  • Past Continuous: I was playing tennis.
  • Future Continuous: I will be playing tennis tomorrow.
  • Present Perfect: I have played tennis in several different countries.
  • Past Perfect: I had played tennis a little before I moved to the Unites States.
  • Future Perfect: I will have played tennis for four hours if I play for another hour.
  • Present Perfect Continuous:  I have been playing tennis for ten years.
  • Past Perfect Continuous: I had been playing tennis for three years before I moved to the United States.
  • Future Perfect Continuous: I will have been playing tennis for over three hours by the time you arrive.

The next step after learning to write basic sentences with reasonable vocabulary, it is a good idea to improve the vocabulary with more words, specifically, words with similar meaning or opposite meanings to enhance your writing by replacing simple words with more appropriate and contextual words and to do that that the site offers Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheets. Again they come in with different levels of difficulties for different age groups: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Samples of words taught in these worksheets:

  • Beginner: Hurt, Glance and Jog
  • Intermediate: Peril, Valley and Traitor
  • Advanced: Vicissitude, Ostracize, and Corroborate

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Comments (39)


    Abbas says:

    My son is in class7 I want some english worksheets for him.

    Ashish Dhar says:


    Am looking for some English worksheet for tenses.

    As the framing of sentence is the main part, as basis that a student can frame an answer.

    Can you help as I check above and could not find any.

    Radhika says:

    My son in 8thstandard,has a poor knowledge of english.can you help me to improve his knowledge in English

    Premchandran says:

    Hi, thanks to all of your efforts.

    My son is in First Std. The mistake I have done is I was very liberal with him in his LKG AND UKG.

    Now I am paying for that. He is not able to pick-up the English and write neatly and so on…

    What to do tell me guys.

    Roopali says:

    please do provide me worksheets for all the major subjects for class 4th.

    Gautam Kasargod says:

    Please send me English work sheets for Class 1. Thanks
    Best wishes

    Lakshmidevi says:

    good and impressive

    Sarama says:

    Is there any such worksheet for science for std. IX & X of SSC Board.

    Sarama says:

    In the English worksheet you have shown example of Past Perfect: I had played tennis a little before I moved to the Unites States, is grammatically wrong; it should be ” I had played tennis a little before I move to the United States.” Thanks.

      Rashmi Gupta says:

      Actually, the first one is correct. The ‘move’ in the second sentence is not in past tense. The second sentence is grammatically incorrect (and logically incorrect) because the tenses in ‘had played’ and ‘move’ are different.

    Sameer Bakshi says:

    Visit to this site is worth it

    Ramesh Kumar says:

    This is indeed a nice work sheet and links those are provided in the blog is really helpful first to Parents like me and then to children.

    Appreciate the effort in documenting & presenting this to the community.

    Sungeetha says:

    Thnks for uploading, Vry informative….

    Pranali Nair says:

    This is absolutely great and very useful to my son.
    Thanks & great work..

    Suresh says:

    could you pls send the worksheet for III std

    Madhurani Saxena says:

    good work.Youre making english lang appear more interesting by supplying such worksheets. keep it up.Please give more on writing skills. Thanks.

    Thirulogachandar says:

    Its very useful. keep it up.

    Thank you.

    Pandiraj says:

    EnglishforEveryone is Really useful for developing good communication skill for Kids. It is also useful to develop the methodology of speaking English fluently for Children and their parents also.

    Sunder says:

    English worksheet is very good and useful. Keep up the good work.

    Swati Karadkar says:

    it is very much useful if u give month wise worksheet.

    Harish K M says:

    It seems to be really a good pack of information for the needy to fill up the gaps and to become more proficient let us make use of it

    Akhilesh Kumar Tiwari says:

    Can you guide us where to download Alphabetization sheet.

    Renuka Patel says:

    can u send me worksheets for practice

    Varsha Swapnil Pawar says:

    very much helpful. can you plz. send maths worksheet for second std. thnx

    Sujatha says:

    It is good,keep updating.

    Snehalatha says:

    should i get work sheet s for practice

    Malarvizhi says:

    That was a good one , Keep updating,

    Renu Mahajan says:

    very good to brushup our knowledge

    Siva says:

    This is absolutely great and very useful to parents so that they can help their children practice numerous times until kids are confident and confortable.

    Fatema Boxwala says:

    should i get some copies of worksheet for the purpose of practising

    Abdul Qaiyum says:

    Assalam Thanks

    Sunita says:

    Will i tbe p;ossible to get worksheets for the Tenth GRade IGSCE syllabus


    Vijaya says:


    Lakshmi Devi says:

    EnglishforEveryone is with lot of useful worksheets on grammar for kids.

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