Humility – a missing trait, Story of a Chinese Chariot Driver
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Author: Mrs.Radhika Mohan, Educational Consultant

There once lived a proud chariot driver in Qi, a state in china. He was the driver of prime minister of the state. It was the king’s order that the prime minister drive though the city streets frequently to keep the welfare of his citizens in good stead. One day the prime minister happened to drive through the street where his driver lived with his wife. On hearing the chariot, the women came rushing out of their homes to see the prime minister and they became very excited to see the familiar face of the driver, driving his honors. They called out to the driver’s wife, “Hey, see there, your husband, on the chariot”.

The wife saw the husband but there was no joy or excitement on her face, seeing him drive past with his head held high up in the air, proud and arrogant.  She did not like her husband’s vain and pride. That evening, when the driver came home from work, the wife did not speak a word.

The anxious husband, sensing her mood, asked, “Why do you seem to look unhappy? Anything wrong? ”

The wife retorted, “I want to leave you. I do not wish to live with you any longer”.

Perplexed, the husband asked, “What have I done” what made you take such a decision?

The wife replied, “Yes, indeed you have. Your attitude is what is the reason is.  I observed you this afternoon when you swished past our home. The prime minister sat on his throne, so humble and calm, a gentle smile of care and love for the subjects of his state. While you, humph! I am ashamed to say”.  The driver argued, “Say, what of me? What did I do?”. The wife continued, “oh! You. You seemed like a conceited pig, looking as if you were a high and mighty  officer. I don’t like this attitude of yours, so I have decided to leave you for good.”

The driver became silent but he realized his mistake, at once. He understood that the better a person wants to get the more humble he should be. Becoming humble makes one gain more respect. From that day, he changed himself completely and turned a humble man. The astute Prime minister was quick to note this change in his driver and asked him, “What is the reason for this change is behavior?” The driver replied, “My wife admonished me for my arrogance and threatened to leave me”. I think she is right. I have learnt that being arrogant doesn’t pay.”

The Prime minister admired the change in attitude of the driver. He took him to the king’s court.

He addressed his Majesty, “Your highness, this driver of mine, I found, is a man of virtue. He has courage to recognize his mistake. Not only that he has corrected his mistake and changed into a new leaf.

The king also recognized the goodness in the driver, praised him for his virtue and instantly offered him a special official post.

The driver was made an important officer in this cabinet of advisors.

The driver discharged his duties sincerely; always making sure modesty ruled him.

Needless to say, his wife was happy and the driver lived a life of happiness, ever after.

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    Veena Nagalakshmi says:


    Priyadharshini says:

    It is always necessary to have a good attitude.

    Anuradha says:

    Be courageous to admit where one stand and the boldness to correct onceself is great quality every one should possess.
    At the same time after the change has occured in the individual recognising the change will give more motivation to them to adopt such quality.

    Vinodini says:

    Article is good especially in these times of “me first”. But honestly how often has humility been mistaken for inferiority? This is a trait that should be taught at home, which sadly is missing among the adults themselves. Can we blame the parents who have to make a living in this cut-throat society where the concept is “got it , flaunt it”. All is not lost. There are like minded people who appreciate and value this trait.

    Kumar says:

    Fantastic one. Modesty is missing these days.

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