International School Award for Valliammal School, Chennai
Posted on: November 28, 2011.

Author: Valliammal School, Chennai.

It was a matter of pride when Valliammal Mat.Hr.Sec.School Annanagar East, Chennai-102 received the International School Award adding another Feather in the Cap, given by the British Council of India recently in a function held at New Delhi. Honourable Minister for Education of Madhya Pradesh, Smt .Archana Chritis of Madhya Pradesh, Mr.Sankar, Director of Primary Education presided over the function. The Guest of Honour was Mr. Richard Stagg of U.K., Principal Mrs.Geetha Ramasubramanian and ISA Coordinator Mrs.K.C.Padma Priya received the award at the function.

“The Foundation of every State is the education of it’s Youth”. The year 2010-2011 had been an eventful one for the Valliammal. Various activities in Various subjects were conducted to create International knowledge in the young minds. Exhibits on Indian food habits, Mapping, Japanese food and Chinese food were compared with Indian food with Nutrition as Topic. Exchange of information about various animals in Singapore, Russia, USA and Malaysia were collected and the knowledge explored through Mask Making, Collage work and Pamplets were distributed to the public, making them aware of the endangered animals. The students celebrated kite festival creating an enigma to the viewers by colouring and painting Kites of different countries .The students contacted schools from various countries like Egypt and China and acquired the Knowledge of out door and indoor traditional games. The information of places of worship was gathered and they showcased Models of Houses of different countries. The most interesting project was the Philately Exhibition where stamps and coins of various countries were collected enthusiastically by the students. In the Maths section Geometry in Architecture, different countries facts of Architecture, were exhibited in the form of model and Questionnaire. The information on currencies in different countries were learnt and explored through Scrapbook, Power point presentation and soon.

There was a Guest Lecture given by Mr. Krishnan a NRI of Japan .He spoke about the intelligence and hard work of Japanese People. On the whole the students were buzzing with various activities creating the International knowledge which was the main idea behind the activities of the School.

Mr.Richard Stagg of UK & Mr. Sankar honouring Principal Smt. GeethaRamasubramanian & Smt. K.C.Padmapriya the ISA Award function held at New Delhi.

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