Picnic to Bull Park in Anna Nagar – Lin Preparatory School – Chennai
Posted on: February 15, 2011. Comments ( 3 )

This is the reason Lin Preparatory School organises a picnic at the park every year. Children are taken to the Bull Park in Anna Nagar by bus. They enjoy themselves thoroughly running ,jumping playing on the slides, swings and jungle gyms. They also sit in circles to and share their snacks. The children are brought back to school before 12.30 pm.
We strongly believe that the outdoor play is a very important part of childhood. Playing and bonding with their classmates under the sky with greenery around them help children to appreciate nature and they are able to be free of constraints.

Comments (3)


    Thanigai Arasan says:

    Kids should enjoy playing.

    Sonali says:


    Karthikeyan says:

    very good approach

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