Picnic to Green Hills – Don Bosco, Borivli – Mumbai
Posted on: February 21, 2011.

The management and the staff of  Don Bosco, Borivli, went for an outing at the Green Hills Resort at Nalla sopara, on Friday, 18th Feb’11. The day began on an exciting note with all the teachers geared up for an exhilarating time. All dressed to kill in their casuals it was nice to see the teachers giggle away their blues as they sang some memorable numbers on their way to the picnic spot.

We reached their by 9.15am. we were amazed to see the huge trees that shadowed the site. As we were hungry, the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen pulled us towards the dining hall. After a sumptuous breakfast, it was time for a dip into the pool. The young ones of the lot and the other enthusiastic members made a bee line for the pool. While they enjoyed in the waters, the older group danced their way around the pool on some foot tapping music. It felt really good to see some of our teachers gyrate to the rhythmic beats of ‘munni’ and ’sheela’..

While the groups were entertaining themselves, there was another small group that was busy preparing to “punch”the crowd. Armed with knives and boards, they sat in one corner squashing out juices from the fruits to make some mouth watering fruit punch. Further, we played some games and won some prizes. It felt good to see the teachers let down their hair and enjoy themselves.

The food was equally delicious and filling. I enjoyed the freshly made gulab jamuns. They actually melted in my mouth but the taste of its sweetness is still lingering on my senses. With another round of house , it was time to move. However much we wanted to stay back, we had to leave. With a heavy heart and a hot cup of some masala chai we were ready to march back.

It was truly a very engaging day. With the amount of work that the teachers put in and the stress they undergo, after all break to banta hai na!!!!!

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