The Story Of Two Sisters Who Were Jealous Of Their Younger Sister – Part II
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Author: Mrs.Radhika Mohan, Educational Consultant

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The cradles had been carried along by the gentle drifts of the canal, to a garden in the outskirts of the kingdom. Here, the fated cradles had been spotted by an intendant, an official of high rank and one of the kingdom’s most respected. The first time this happened, the intendant, assuming the cradle to be empty but nevertheless a bit curious, ordered a gardener working nearby to fetch the cradle. Inside, he had found the baby boy and immediately knew it to be of royal origin. The intendant, married for a few years but without any children, took the cradle home to his wife and expressed his wish to make the child their own. His wife joyously consented and a nurse was sent for as the intendant intended to publicly declare the child as his own. However, he chose not to get involved in its mystery. In successive years, the intendant of the palace gardens happened to find both the other cradles sent adrift and his joys tripled.

The baby princess and her two elder brothers were fostered with much care and tenderness. Growing up, their beauty and poise wordlessly spoke of their high birth. Their manners were  graceful and impeccable, their bearings noble and adorable. The princess was named Parizade, or the Child of the Genii and the princes were named Bahman and Perviz, after two ancient kings of Persia. They had the best tutors for science, poetry, history and geography. They were equally skilled at martial arts and shooting. The princess was always a match for the princes, at times even better. She was well versed in vocal and instrumental music, could ride and drive and use a bow and arrow or throw the javelin with as much skill as her brothers did.

To celebrate their successes, the intendant bought a grand country house set in the midst of a forested park, a few miles from the capital. He stocked up the park with wild beasts of every kind, for the princes and princess to hunt as they pleased. The intendant retired from royal service and a few months passed happily. One unexpected day, the intendant breathed his last and along with him, died the secret of his adopted children. The intendant’s wife had died long ago. The happy children were deeply grieved by their father’s demise and, not willing to indulge in any activities of the royal court, continued to live subdued lives in their country house.

While, one day, the princes had gone out to hunt, the princess had a visitor. She was an old woman, a Mussulman devotee who had come seeking help for it was the hour of prayer. She was shown the private oratory, and later, the grounds and the rooms of the country house. Afterwards she was escorted to the apartments were the princess lived.

The princess ordered some refreshments for the sake of the old woman and offered her the best seat beside hers. “Tell me, holy one, of what you feel about this house, now that you have been through it”, inquired the princess. Once the old woman had gotten over her initial state of discomfort at being shown much hospitality, she told the princess what a lovely place she had amidst a vintage garden. But the princess was keen to know if there was anything it lacked and the old woman finally admitted that there were three elements, her gardens lacked. Three magical installations that would make her gardens flawlessly perfect. But the devotee warned the princess that the elements would be almost impossible to acquire for they were guarded by faceless forces in a most dangerous mountain site. But the princess was ready to meet any challenges that she might have to face in her quest, for already, she had firmly decided to acquire all the three installations for her gardens.

Later that day, when the princes returned from their hunt, they found their sister in serious thought. She related to them, a synopsis of the discussion that had followed the devotee’s visit. The three elements were to be found together in place located on the borders of the Kingdom, towards India. After a journey of twenty days along the high road that passed behind their house, the seeker would have to ask the first person he meets, for directions to the three elements. After much discussion, Prince Bahman firmly stood that it was he who was reserved the right to make the first attempt, and Prince Perviz could say no more. His preparations for the journey and the quest complete, Prince Bahman was ready to leave the next morning.

When it was time for the prince to leave, his sister made one last attempt to dissuade him. “Dear Brother. I beg you change your mind, for I would rather die without a thousand such possessions than live with the sin of delivering you at the doorstep of Death.” But the prince would not hear any of it for he was of gallant blood and fierce attitude. He thus consoled his sister and handed her a sheathed knife. “Take this dear sister and inspect it each day. Should the blade be shiny and clean, it means that I am alive and well. But should it be spotted with blood, it means that I am dead and you shall weep for me.” With these final words, Prince Bahman mounted his horse, fully equipped and armed and with an unshakable resolve.

Will Prince Bahman succeed in his quest ?

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Comments (2)


    Monisha Nalkara says:

    I got hooked on the story can’t wait to get the whole story. keep it up

      admin says:

      Dear Monisha,

      As you are so eager to read the rest of the story, we have published the full story on our site. Hope you enjoy it.

      Thank you
      Yokibu Team

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