The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
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Review by Vidhya Lakshmi, a mom from S.B.O.A School and Junior College, Chennai.
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THE TIPPING POINT by MALCOLM GLADWELL first published in the year 2000, is an multifocussed description about factors  and  facilitators of transition that occurs in our life. This book deals with man, mind, marketing and management. The author has presented the concept of unexpected significant turning points that occur both in subjective and objective aspects of human life. Throughout all the 6 chapters the author has maintained a balanced involvement of all factors of life irrespective of age, gender, culture and environment that undergo a change or cause a change.

Case scenarios discussed in this book are very practical and evidence based as the results are given after an  comparative study between two groups. He features the tremendous changes in both the positive and negative sides of human life, starting from changes in fashion, life style and marketing on one side and the changes pertaining to crime, suicide and infection  on other side and to the core this book is more socially concerned.

The author has stressed more on” persuasion “which he has taken as key factor for bringing a change or the so called tipping. Pertaining to persuasion the book is more focused on mental and social skills that are mandatory  for a tipping to occur. Charactors such as Roger Horchow and Mark Alpert discussed in this book are described as mavens and connectors respectively for their unbeatable expert opinion  on products and people, socializing skills, and Knowledge on current affairs.

This book is more reliably tailored as a motivator for young achievers to reach their destination  by  guiding  them  about the mandatory  factors  of  tipping,  so  that  they Acquire 100 percent social health that is mostly being ignored at all levels of life and placed secondary to physical and mental health.

Review by Vidhya Lakshmi, a mom from S.B.O.A School and Junior College, Chennai.

Myself Vidhya lakshmi.V Physiotherapist at Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai. I am mother of Amrita dharshini.k studying in S.B.O.A School and Junior College, Chennai.

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Comments (3)


    Ramakrishnan says:

    Nice book & review – the non linear nature of events , human behaviour , social behaviour is truly amazing

    Hariharan says:

    nicely done review..very relevant topical and appropriate.

    Geethalakshmi says:

    I too read this book, really its an motivating book explain and describe the “mysterious” sociological changes that mark everyday life and how little things can make different things.
    You can try his another book:The Blink also.

    Happy reading.

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