What is Music?
Posted on: November 25, 2011. Comments ( 2 )

Author: ‘Bale’ Sampat, a Chartered Accountant and a Carnatic Musician.

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What is Music?  Any sound or combination of sound produced by human voice or instruments which makes us HAPPY is Music. Then, is our speech considered music?  Is that not sound? The question sounds good!

You all know that sound is vibration and nothing but vibration. You may ask if I tap a table, does it vibrate to produce sound? Yes, of course but the vibration is not visible to the naked eye.  Is vibration Music?  In a way yes. All vibrations are sound but all sounds are not musical!

In simple terms, let us see, how sound becomes music and makes us happy.

Let us say Suresh scored 95 marks in Science.  Does it make sense? Not at all!

You should know what is the total mark either 100 or 200.  That is 90 “in relation to” 100 (90 %) or 90 “in relation to” 200 (45%). Then only 90 makes sense.

More or less the same way, take two tumblers and tap one tumbler at a time.

One vibrates at certain numbers per second say 120 beats/sec and another tumbler vibrates at 240 beats/sec. These two independent vibrations result only in sound .  But if the tumblers vibrate one after the another in succession i.e.  120 and 240 beats (1:2) per sec, then it produce music!! The first one is musical note Sa and another one is also Sa but at a higher pitch as the beats/sec is twice that of the first Sa.

Yes it is the INTERVAL between two sounds makes them Musical in combination.

See you next week!

‘Bale’ Sampat, a Chartered Accountant and a Carnatic Musician, lives in Chennai and teaches Piano.

Email: harsat9503@gmail.com, Mobile:  9884412230

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Comments (2)


    Nithyadevi says:

    Good explanation and fine definition.

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