Woodcutter and his daughter (The Magic of Mushkil Gusha) – Part III
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Author: Mrs.Radhika Mohan, Educational Consultant


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Just then a packet of roasted chickpeas and some raisins landed near the woodcutter.

When he looked up to see who had thrown him the food, he found the place empty. There was no one in sight around him.

In surprise, he continued his search, only to find an urchin boy coming by.

He called the boy nearby and felt him to be in great hunger. He bade the boy sit by his side, shared the chickpeas and raisins with him and told him the tale of how Mushkil Gusha had removed all the difficulties in his life.

A while later, the urchin boy got up to go his way, after thanking the woodcutter.

A few steps ahead, the urchin boy were immediately embraced by a rich merchant on the street, “Oh! My son, my dearest lad! Where have you been all these weeks? I have been searching for you everywhere. What a plight you’re in, come, my son, come home. Your mother is anxious to see you”. So saying, the urchin boy was whisked away by his rich father to the safe comforts of his family.

The Mushkil Gusha had already started helping the urchin boy.

Now, let’s see what happened to the woodcutter and his miserable daughter.

A few days later the princess decided to go for a swim in the same lake near which she had lost her necklace. While she was swimming, she happened to catch the reflection of the tree overlooking the lake.

Now, what did she see dangling from one of its branches? Why of course, her precious necklace!

She ran back to the palace, in excitement, clutching the necklace in her hands.

She called for the handmaid, expressed her apology for having blamed her and also requested her to become her handmaid once more.

The woodcutter’s daughter agreed immediately, her misery and anguish, forgotten.

Soon, the king’s orders brought his soldiers to the public square, where the woodcutter was put in the stacks. They carried out the king’s orders and freed the woodcutter from the stacks and sent him home.

Henceforth, the woodcutter never forgot the wise words of the Holy man and remembered to carry out his advice every Friday eve.

After that, the woodcutter, and his daughter lived a happy and comfortable life, good fortunes of Mushkil Gusha, always being showered on them, ever after.


Comments (4)


    Chinmay says:

    Nice story

    Sandeep Nagori says:

    It’s a good story …my son siddh liked it too.

    Dharani Sajjitha says:

    very nice story.

    Meera says:

    very good story .yesterday i said my son .he was very happy.thanks to radhika mohan

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