101 Secrets of Effective Parenting by G.Vidyasankar
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Review by Dr. B.R.Malathy, a mom with two children studying in St.Patricks ICSC School & Sri Sankara Vidyashramam, Chennai

101 secrets of effective parenting by G.Vidyasankar is a treasure that every parent should trove to enjoy parenthood. I am grateful to yokibu book review for forwarding this book for reviewing. After reading this book I started seeing myself with a different perspective. First and foremost change in me, is to think positive and have positive approach towards my children.

As any ordinary parent, I used to worry whether my children aged 10 and 9 will make up for any good in future. But this book has instilled in me enough confidence and capacity; that I can understand them better, guide them effectively to bring out the best in them, so that they become a better citizen tomorrow. The author highlighted the importance of life skills like – time management, self motivation, healthy living strategies and leadership qualities as equal to academic skills. The idea of inspiring children to choose role models in the field they want to excel as described by the author is excellent.

When the author wanted to list 12 achievements made by my children from the time they were born (as part of exercise to parents in the book), with great difficulty I could list only seven. I agree with the author, that I should start appreciating the positive characters in my children which helps to build their self esteem, instead of seeing only their negative aspects. The inspirational stories on  achievers in different walks of life, like  Sachin Tendulkar, Bill gates, Steven Spielsberg, Tiger Woods,  Wilma Goldean Rudolph, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Agatha Christie, Henry Ford, Oprah Winfray, Helen Keller, Roger Bannister, Soichiro Honda, Terry Fox  quoted by the author  at appropriate places in the book are noteworthy.

Teaching the child to dream big, making the child feel they are gifted, and the power of parental expectations in shaping the child’s character, making the child realize that parents are against their bad behaviour and not against the children are eye opener to many parents. Many of us bribe our children for doing well in exams. Author’s perspective of not to bribe them, for what they are supposed to do for their own sake, but instead, parents can give surprise gifts once in a while, should be realised by every parent. Instilling the belief – “If I can’t then I must” attitude definitely help not only children but anyone to overcome the obstacles in life. Parents, especially working couples, just become earning machines who hardly smile or make other smile.

The reason, that we are hale and healthy is enough to celebrate life, in spite of being pulled down by various problems in our day to day activities,  as said by the author should be a take home message to every parent.  Hence those of us, who worry too much about the future and forget to live in the presence, should start to live today to the fullest. Showing 100% commitment in work, believing that nothing is impossible, treating failures as feedback to success, as stated by the author are inspiring. Work smart or think smart formula rather than work hard, will definitely suit the children or anyone to challenge the rat race we face today. Importance of sex education, inculcating the habit of saving when they are young, giving the freedom to choose the career of their choice, fast and steady wins the race than slow and steady are the many advices given by the author for better parenting. Every parent must read this book to transform them to useful, meaningful, joyful and sensible parents. The author has left no stone unturned through his 101 secrets of effective parenting.

Review by Dr. B.R.Malathy, a mom with two children studying in St.Patricks ICSC School & Sri Sankara Vidyashramam, Chennai

My name is Dr. B.R.Malathy, MSc.Ph.D. I am working presently as Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, at Sathyabama University Dental College, Chennai. I did my Msc in Medical Microbiology at Christian Medical College & Hospital at Vellore and PhD in Microbiology at Madras University. I am involved in teaching microbiology for dental students and guiding students (Msc & B.Tech) in their dissertation work and doing research in Microbiology. I have two sons, elder studying in St.Patricks ICSC School, Adyar and youger studying in Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Matriculation School, Thiruvanmiyur.

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Comments (5)


    Lalitha P says:

    The article inspires me to read this book and i have this is really worthy and can shape me to groom my kids in a proper way. I hope the author has not left any corners unshaped. so this book will surely guide me better to carrier my kid towards his goal

    Radha says:

    Hello Dr Malathi, It is noteworthy to see your book review , let us know how to get a copy. These days we have lot of books about parenting, choosing apt one according to our phase of parenting is also an important task. I have 2 daughters (aged 13 and 7 years) and always worry about their skills and academics. I can see a lot of generational (behavioral) difference between the two. I would like to know how to cope with them effectively and positively.

    Aparna says:

    Looks like a book that every parent needs to read.

    Dr. Arun says:

    Sounds like a great book for today’s parents who are caught in the daily traps of the modern world. Many Thanks Malathy Madam, for your succint yet meaningful review of this Book by Mr. Vidyashankar.

    Kala says:

    i would to read this book, pls share me a copy of it at the earliest

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