“42 RULES for creating WE” by Judith E. Glaser
Posted on: May 2, 2012.

Review by Vidhyalakshmi, a mom from S.B.O.A School and Junior college, Chennai.

“42 RULES for creating WE” by Judith E. Glaser was first published in the year 2009. This book is an thought provoking description about absolutely amazing human values  that  need  to  be  practised  for  creating  an victorious  WE centric organisation.

The author has insisted more on the exploration of the “I” to expertise on “WE” henceforth Unfolding the hidden credits beyond the concept “Practice what you Preach”. All the Six chapters in this book is a sandwich of success which consist of Flexibility, Self integrity, Effective communication, Innovation, Encouragement and Involvement as the key ingredients for a successful WE.  Judith has set life time achievers  such as Tiger Woods and  Barack Obama  as role models who inspite  of frequent   inevitable obstacles  has succeeded  with self integrity and innovation as  their main investment for success.

Apart from the human values the author also talks about the basic human nature or the so called  human neurological  network  that initiates the human drives and response as  a vital role in creating a WE culture. Hence the author says that psychological factors such as stress and anxiety in workplace can be overcome by  Flexibility  attitude or in other way called as an situation friendly attitude.

This book  is an excellent guide  for growing achievers  to inculcate good values and create a better  work  environment   with positive human networks thus promoting  WE values in this Wi-fi valued  life.

Review by Vidhyalakshmi, a mom from S.B.O.A School and Junior college, Chennai.

Myself Vidhyalakshmi Krishna Raj, Physiotherapist at Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai. I am mother of Amrita Dharshini studying in S.B.O.A School and Junior college. The book “42 Rules for creating WE” by Judith E.Glaser is suitable for all above 20 years of age.

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