Grandparent’s Day and Sports Celebration at Rajhans Vidyalaya, Mumbai
Posted on: February 28, 2012. Comments ( 2 )

Author: Rajhans Vidyalaya, Andheri(W), Mumbai.


Rajhans   Vidyalaya  celebrated    Grandparent’s  Day  and  sports  for  the  Mumbai  Mobile  Crèches  on  Saturday, the  18th February, 2012. Mrs. Mala  Ramadurai, a  trustee  of  Hansraj  Morarji  Charitable  Trust  pres ided over  the  occasion.

The  function  started  off  with  sports  for  the  enthusiastic  and  energetic  grandparents   of  Rajhans  Vidyalaya   primary  students .  They  relived  their  childhood  days  by  participating  in  races  like  Marble  & Spoon  and   Book  Balancing.  It  was  a  feast  for  the  eyes  to  watch  the  grandparents  and  their  grandchildren  come  together  in  events  such as  Filling  the  Water bottle  and  Arranging  the  Table. “ Indeed  the  relationship  between  a  grandparent  and  grandchild  is  divine  and  magical ”, and  this   was  experienced  by  one  and  all present  on  the  ground. The  little  children  too  enjoyed  watching  and  cheering  their  loving  grandparents  . This  annual  feature  in  the   Rajhans  calendar  strengthens  the  family  bond  which  is  very  essential  in  today’s  mechanical  life.

Along  with  family  bonding  Rajhans  tries to  inculcate a sense of  social  responsibility  as  well. Sports  for  the  children  of  Mumbai  Mobile Crèches   was  conducted  on  the  same  day , where in  children  from  construction  sites  were  gathered  on  our  school  ground.  These   children,  who  had  never  been  out  of  their  small  world  , were   awestruck  on  seeing  such  a  huge  ground  all for  themselves  to  play  and  enjoy. Different  races  were  organized  for  these  kids  and  all  the  participants  were  gifted  with goody  bags , Tee  shirts  and  art  books. The  smile  on  their  faces  was  priceless!!  It  was  amazing  to  see  the  students  of  Rajhans  Vidyalaya  voluntarily  fulfilling  their  social  responsibilities  with dedication   and  sincerity.

It  was  an  eventful  day  where  each  and  every  Rajhansite  learnt  to   respect , love , share  and  care.

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Comments (2)


    Anubha says:

    Thank you so much . We will continue to celebrate this grandparents day . We too feel happy when we see all the grandparents happy n enjoying with their grandchild . This celebration will develop a strong bond between the grdparents and grdchild and care for each other. Plz talk about this to all other parents so that we can see other grdparents joining this event in large numbers and make it a big success

    Zarna Shah says:

    I am the mother of Binoy Shah. Just wanted to share my experience for grandparents day.
    It was an awesome event organised by our school. Binoys all 4 grand parents participated in the events & the best part was all of them won prizes in the events,so it was like a great achievement for the grand parents and ofcourse a CELEBRATION for Binoy.
    He was so damn happy & was feeling proud for his grand parents.
    Thanks a lot to the school for making all the grand parents re-live their childhood & teenage memories.
    Looking ahead for more such events.

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