Grandparents’ Day Celebration at Edify School, Bengaluru
Posted on: November 16, 2012.

Author: Edify School, Bengaluru

Grandparents are our heritage and are essential members of our families and communities. That is why, a special day, National Grandparents Day is set aside every year to honour them.

Edify celebrated the Grandparents day on October 20th and took the opportunity for our children to spend some quality time with their grandparents, have fun and create a atmosphere to strengthen these love bonds.

The beautiful morning started with the welcome speech by Ms.Seema Madhu followed by a invocation song by Ms. Radhika. Our respected Principal Ms. Niti Mahendra addressed the gathering and welcomed the grandparents, parents and children by telling the importance of grandparents’ role in our life.

The stage and field games such as “Groom Your Grandmother”; “Pick and Act”; “Musical Chair” and “Lemon and Spoon” were organised for the grandparents. All the games were thoroughly enjoyed by the grandparents, parents and children. The family members enjoyed grooming grandmothers with the given make-up kit. The grandparents were very sportive and spontaneous when they enacted the given actions/words on the slip for pick and act. The “Lemon and Spoon” race exhibited amazing enthusiasm, energy level and balancing technique by grandparents.

The grandparents received overwhelming encouragement and support by grandchildren during the games. The event was concluded with the Prize Distribution to the winners and speech by a few grandparents who shared their views and thoughts about the occasion.

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