I am an Astronomy lover, are you?
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Author: Devashish Pradhan, Parent of Kidzee World, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

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I wanted to make our child and we understand how important Astronomy is which a small amount of knowledge I have. I have been popularizing astronomy since past 10 year from now. In 1995 which Comet Hale Bopp arrived and few eclipse held in India, I visited almost 100+ schools, colleges and institutions to deliver talkson various topics of Astronomy. From that I realized that instead of providing and making little one understand, it should be their parents who should think positive and make them equipped with basic things about Astronomy or Naked eye Sky.

    1)      Books,Computers

    2)      Sky Maps now which are available on Mobile Phones (Google Sky)

    3)      Pencil, Eraser, shaper & Chart Paper

This talk I am keeping it very simple, you don’t have to buy any costly equipment’s or any tool to educate him / her, just a little bit of your time and imagination will serve the purpose. I am also sharing few things how I kept my first kid busy and away from TV & Video games and engaging him to productive and educative stuff.

All I would be referring to are all naked eye celestial objects. This will help them to

    1)      Understand the beauty of Sky, where we stand, difference between Start, Planets &Constellations, Global Clusters.

    2)      Helping to Promote Astronomy amongst children

    3)      A Tool for Astronomy Education

    4)      Understanding celestial phenomena (Eclipse, Meteor Shower, Comets, Occultation, etc.)

When it comes to the Universe, we are all beginners. In spite of the tremendous advances in what we know about our cosmic surroundings, we have only started to scratch the surface. As an example, the first planet outside our own solar system was discovered just a few short years ago and now we know of a least a hundred more and astronomers discover additional planets on what seems to be an almost daily basis.

If you are just getting started on your journey through the skies and are intimidated by what you don’t know, join the crowd. We all feel the same way. Even the most knowledgeable scientists feel the same way most of the time. The Universe is something that presents us with at least two more questions for every answer that we uncover. That’s what makes it so interesting.

In this section, I will try to help you join in the journey of discovery and amazement.

Tools You Might Need

You already have the two most important tools you will need on your journey: your mind and your eyes. However, there are some other things that might help you along the way including computer software,books and other web sites.

Astronomy can be one of the most exciting units you teach. Few subjects offer you so much versatility covering many areas such as History, Physics, Geology, Geography, Art, and much more. Most importantly the children enjoy learning about Astronomy. It is fun for children, because it stretches their imaginations forcing them to contemplate the stars, nebula and planets. I tried to encourage teachers to take time in preparing lesson plans that will inspire children to want to learn more.

Now a days there are 100 and 1000 of websites available on the internet, some of you may think let’s go and do some browsing and give the details, but the fact lies that we are lost in the cyber space searching something different then where we started, I hope this may be happening to every one of us.

To make you provide with the simple techniques following is the Tasks. As I stated earlier only Mind and Eyes are needed to ask them to perform this experiment.

    1)      Make It Yourself Constellation Finder

    2)      Constellation Projections

    3)      Using Star Charts and Maps

    4)      Observing Lunar Phases

    5)      Making Craters

    6)      The Nature of the Milky Way

    7)      Modeling Lunar Phases

For enthusiastic parents I have few more things to share. Try http://www.shatters.net/celestia/ which is one of the best software to show children about the night Sky and another is http://www.google.com/sky

In this series of articles on Astronomy I intend to take you through a journey of educating all of you on various topics such as:

    1)      How to observe?

    2)      What to observe?

    3)      When to observe? and

    4)      From where to observe?

First I will be explaining more about Naked Eye objects more and winder Night Sky.

Enjoy the Night Sky..

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..by Devashish Pradhan, Parent of Kidzee World, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

I am working as Project Manager with Dream Solutions, Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

I have developed Astronomy as my hobby since more than 10 years, enjoying stargazing, delivering talks on Astronomy and educating masses on celestial events which occur from time to time. I am residing at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai where there is a huge scope of Stargazing activity. I want to cultivate habit in young generation so they are more curious in such scientific activities.

Comments (10)


    Sagar Patil says:

    Dear Devashish,

    I really appreciate your efforts & am thankful for giving opportunity for new generation to get out of Mobile games , TV & go reallistic about the beautiful world of sky.
    Kindly contact me on 9324816269 to take this ahead for my child. I stay at CBD belapur. Regsrds, Sagar Patil

    Pralhad Laxman Nangre says:

    I am also staying in Kharghar sector 8 can we meet?

    Mythily says:

    Dear Mr.Devashish,

    My both kids 8 year and 3 1/2 yrs old are also very much interested in astronomy.

    Please take us through the ways to support our children.


    Sandra says:

    HI glad to know about your intrest & keenness to cultivate habit in our young generation .
    Do let us know about your workshops training sessoins

    Sudha Nair says:

    Hello Sir,

    Kindly let me know of any start gazing shows, i would like my daughter to participate, also pls. guide me in how to take her forward in Astronomy line. More than theory i would like her to get exposed to practical way of learning.

      Devashish says:


      I appreciate your comments. I would suggest follow the topics which I am mentioning. You will get the idea where, what and how to observe the night sky. I will be taking through a totally practical approach, but before that we need to prepare the mindset of child so the interest is not lost.

    Sheetal says:

    I sincerely appreciate ur efforts Devashish. U r right that the parents shd be equipped with knowledge & interest first. The so much for sharing. I’m quite excited to read ur posts as my son loves astronomy.

    Ujjwal says:

    Thank you for starting this series. Except for a brief reference in Geography, Astronomy is conspicuously absent from our syllabus. Looking forward to it!

      Vinayak says:

      Dear Devashish,
      Our 11 year old son Srirang is an astronomy enthusiast and would like to chart his future in astro physics. He would like to talk/share with you. Can we have your mail id. You can reach us on nabarprojects@yahoo.co.in as we do not chk this account very frequently.
      manjusha & vinayak nabar

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