PARENTS, Join Courses from Universities like MIT, Stanford and Berkeley for Free! It is not too late.
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Author: Chandrasekar B, Chennai

I am a parent, 45 years old and that is not what makes this article interesting. What is interesting is that I just joined a course on Finance from University of Michigan and that too at NO COST.

Parents, it is never too late to attend a course from a foreign university and that too at no cost!

I am sure many of you parents (like me) profess a deeper unfulfilled desire of attending a course at a foreign university, preferably a University in USA like Stanford, Berkley or MIT.

Ever wondered how the experience would be to sit in a class and listen to professors of global caliber and education?




It does not matter which discipline you are interested in. Interested in learning Computer Programming? Want to know the basics of Organic Chemistry? Want to get exposed to Greek and Roman Mythology? There are literally hundreds of courses and courses for every one in various disciplines such as HealthCare, Science, Mathematics, History and Sociology, Computer and Internet, etc.

Wondering, what the heck am I blabbering? How the hell is it possible?

Don’t get surprised! YES, it is true. I just started my class, Introduction to Finance, from University of Michigan, conducted by Prof Gautam Kaul. I am really enjoying it. I even submitted my first assignment online after attending the first week’s classes and got 85% on my first week assignment.

The course I took runs for 10 weeks. Each week, a new set of videos will be uploaded. The videos are not pre-loaded but loaded only every week. This is to ensure that the students go through similar experience of attending every week class.

Each week, new assignments are given and I am supposed to finish it within a week. This again is to ensure the timeline is similar to real weekly classes so that students feel the need to finish their assignments and be ready to learn more complex topics.

There will be a final assignment and unless I get 70% in all my assignments I don’t get a certificate.


Well, of course only if I submit my assignments on time and I score at least 70% in all assignments including the final one.

The assignments are usually submitted online and corrected automatically.

Well, that’s the format of my class. Different universities may offer different subjects in different formats, but in general most of them follow the standard pattern, it primary mode of delivering the course is Video and Assignments.

Okay, I hear what you are thinking: Enough, where do I go to sign up for those classes?

Looking for classes from MIT, Harvard or Berkeley, head straight to EDx.

For courses from California Institute of Technology or IIT Delhi and Universities like Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley, Edinburgh, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Toronto, Washington and others, go to Coursera.

You can also check out Udacity for courses on Computer Programming, Cryptography and Software Testing.

Well, I would like to see at least 10,000 of our Yokibu Parents join different courses after reading this! Let me know if any of you really joined. Don’t forget write your experience! You may light the lamp of learning for others too. Spread the word today.

Comments (67)


    Raghuram says:

    Hi Friends

    I am interested to learn about US payroll.
    Basically I am a SAP HCM consultant.
    Since my next project is based on a US plant, I am interested in doing it.
    Can you pl. share some info on this…..

    Rekha says:

    This is really an exciting input to get knowledge from well known university which one might have aspired. As someone mentioned I am also keen for doing course in Human Psychology. So if anyone come across something do share.

    Krishnaswamy says:

    thank you so much to provided this informations. It is very use full for everyone

    Purushothaman says:


    A. Mohamed Rafique says:

    OMG! Thank heavens and you…For this article..

    Prabhakar says:

    I’ veheard someone say this. But now I understand it is a fact.Thanks for so much of information.

    Bhaskaran. R says:

    Thanks to all for sharing excellent information for education. I do the same to encourage family and friends. God Bless.

    Sangeetha says:


    Sangeetha says:


    Anuradha says:

    Great piece of information. Am sure this will be a grand treat for our learning apetite. Let me try out the links. Planning to a basic course on Finance for a long time, as am a Science graduate, and accounts knowledge is helpful at my work nowadays. Thanks a lot, Mr. Chandrasekar for sharing this in the forum..!

    Kanchana V M says:

    Hi Nice to hear this ,but just wanted to know is the certificate valuable,i understand though its from high universities, but doing it online ,, also does it help us to change our lines with that certificate. ?? just wanted to know has someone experienced it ??

    Learning does not make any waste i accept, but how does it help to change our line??or is it just our interest we can enroll ?? any inputs ??

    Lahu Vyankat Khamkar says:

    Chandrasekhar. You are so inspiring.I am B.Com from MUMBAI University. I was thinking to more so appeared H.S.C. With Science my 40it is helpful to get further. Education

    Kamala says:

    Not sure how many of you are aware of online courses offered by IITs of India.

    Please go to:

    They have certification courses too!

    Courses are on topics based on core sciences, engineering, humanities, etc.

    Do explore!

    Vidhi Shah says:

    All this sounds so exciting nd encouraging, Ty for sharing this info!!!

    Narmada Rao says:

    Thanks for sharing information

    Narmada Rao says:

    Good information,Thanks for sharing

    Mini Santhosh says:

    Very useful information. Thanks a lot.

    Rajkumar says:

    Good Information which is useful to everyone. Thanks for your initiative.

    Raman T R says:

    Very useful, thanks for sharing. Just trying to see a course useful for home makers which can be used for education and training for children?

    Dharmesh Puthran says:


    It was fantastic opportunity all the parents and children to join these courses and get enriched with so many interesting subjects..

    Thanks for sharing this information. I also joined few courses which are of my interest.

    Really Good information

    Nandakumar says:

    Can anyone send me the link

    Sumathi says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful opportunities.I have enrolled one course related to my job and also share this information with my friends.

      Anuradha says:

      Hi sumati I viewed your comments in yokibu.iam looking fo home based job. if you find any thing pls share wth me. iam a mother of 6 month old baby. so i can;t go to officed. iam a candidate. i would like to be your friend. hope you will accept me.


    Shanthi says:

    Good information. Thanks for sharing.

    Nalinipriya says:

    Nice offer,I am a teaching professional of Engineering college (Assistant professor in Information Technology) .I would like to do courses in Standford and IIT Delhi……………….Could you please suggest me any course with the uplift of my carrier………….?.Presently i am doing PhD in well known university……… Chennai

      G. Sriram says:

      Depends upon your work area, you should join the course. So many courses are available in many other sites. Do utilize it.

    Suriya Kumar says:

    That’s really informative, and I’ve enrolled for some courses. Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

    Nita Nitin Bhatia says:

    It is really nice …

    Anil Bachchu Lade says:

    Thank you Chandrasekar. I have enrolled for couple of courses. Intention is to get connected to academy at second inning and gain some more knowledge.

    Shivakumar says:

    Awesome. Thank You. Have already started the Operations Management course with Coursera.
    Very useful.
    Thank You once again!

    Latha says:

    Seems good. I would like to join in some course, without wasting time unnecessarily.

    Kavita says:

    thank you for the valuable information.i have enrolled myself for one course and am loving it.

    Jayanthi says:

    Thank you for sharing this valuable piece of information.

    Priscilla Dsouza says:

    This is too good

    Madhu says:

    This is superb! I would want to see if any course is available related to Marketing or Management.
    Thanks for sharing this information.


    Aparna says:

    Thanks for sharing… I have enrolled for a course related to my profession – Saas and I have also shared this information with my friends

    Sheela says:

    Thanx Mr.Chandrasekar. I am excited to join. It is never too late to learn.

    shashi bhushan says:

    a very good oppertunity we were aware of this .Thaks a lot for thois information

    Komal Machindar says:

    Thankyou very much for sharing this information. I have enrolled myself to one of the courses related to my profession.
    Thanks once

    Saradha says:

    Hi, this is really a golden opportunity for all of us and

    let’s make the best use of it. Is there any possibility of

    doing a course on journalism and psychology through

    these universities? I’m interested in knowing about

    these courses. Awaiting a reply.

      Chandrasekar says:


      Please go to all the three websites, Edx, Coursera and Udacity for any such course. However, I guess there will be very limited number of courses on language/literature/art as most of the universities that have joined these initiatives at this moment are know for science and business studies. But it would not be too long before we see lot more universities offering arts and humanities courses.


    radha says:

    That’s really an interesting information. Thanks a lot.

    V.Murali Manohar says:

    ya its very much true mr.chandru, learning is always a great pleasure. actually i left away a good opportunity to pursue my higher education abroad. it is undeniable that the approach and vision they have in academics and research is unique than us. well, once again thank u for this info, my long term desire is accomplished.

    Anupama Pathre says:

    Thanks a lot. I very much wanted to do the Computer programming course … c c++ from a foreign university (i have done it from NIIT) … but even if we don’t get the univ cert… its cool…. thank u very very much…..

    V.Murali Manohar says:

    Thank u very much for the info mr.chandrasekar. I also have a question. I”ve almost checked all the courses, it states we get a certificate signed from the instructor and not from the university directly. Is it? Is it valid overseas? But i am really excited mr.sekar i’ve enrolled for three courses.

      Chandrasekar says:

      Hi Murali

      You are welcome. Well, I don’t think as of now the certificate is recognized by universities, as this is a new initiative and there is a lot of experiments and improvements going on and a lot of deliberations are also going on how the courses can be recognized.

      For me, the certificate is more of a recognition for successful completion of the course than anything else. The best part for me is the experience of attending classes conducted by such great professors of great universities and the whole joy of the experience of learning.

      May be once the concept matures, I guess, this method of delivery will be recognized too.

      But for now, I am enjoying attending the classes and doing the assignments.

      BTW, I must say, the assignments are all very interesting and tests our understanding of the subject and the application of the knowledge more than memorizing the formulas. I wish our education system also incorporates these methods of testing the students knowledge.


    Chandrakant Vasant Kushe says:

    Awesome.Thanks for spreading the good news.

    Smita says:

    Its really great! Age is never bar for ducation. It happens in life so many times that one like to learn or join any course, but due to busy schedule or some other circumstances you could not. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I immedietly joined 2 courses Algoritham Part I and Introduction to Finance. I am so exited to travel this journey of course.

    Thanks a lot Mr. Chandrasekar.

      Chandrasekar says:

      You are welcome. I am glad you have joined the same course too: Introduction to Finance.

      BTW, if you get to the Week 2 Assignment, please let me know. I am stuck with Question 5,8,9 and 10 of Week2 Assignment and not able to proceed. I read some of the comments on those questions in the forum but not sure if I understand. If you solve them I would be more than happy to learn from you if that is not any inconvenience to you.

      Thank You

        Savitha says:

        I was looking at the same course – intro to finance. There is a cost attached to it. Please confirm if we have free courses also in the site.

    Senthilkumar says:


    Aswini says:

    Thank u sharing this info.

    REVATHI says:

    Do all the courses begins with basics or should we’ve prior knowledge or degree in that subject? Thanks for sharing the information to all and be a part of their acheivement. Good luck for your course.

    Lalitha says:

    Thank You ! That is a wonderful way to start with …

    NITHYA says:

    I have already registered for solid state chemistry . Good info

    Sudha says:

    Thats superb n wonderful info and thank you so much for sharing it. Very inspiring one motivating me to look in for it right away…truely its like an unbelievable dream..thanks a ton

      Sujatha says:

      More than that its online or that its free or that you get a certificate, it’s triggering us to learn something new , especially as parents ( where time is a huge excuse ) that is really laudable !! ….Thank you very much !!!

        Kamala says:

        Good Morning.

        About 45 online certification courses are being offered by NPTEL from IITs & IISc Bangalore.

        Total number of courses: 44
        40 hr courses (12 weeks) : 19
        20 hr courses (8 weeks) : 22
        10 hr courses (4 weeks) : 3

        Of the 44, the institute wise split is:
        IIT Kanpur : 13
        IIT Kharagpur: 8
        IIT Bombay: 1
        IIT Madras: 22

        Enrollment for all 44 courses is open on the portal.

        Please look it up!

          Sangeetha says:

          It’s stated that we need to pay for the certificate. Is that true or free of cost?

            Kamala says:

            Joining & learning these courses is free. For getting the certificate, you need to register for an exam & go to an exam centre & write the exam. Yes, there is a fee of Rs. 1000/- per course.

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