Quiz on Soups and Health
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Haven’t made soups part of your daily diet yet?
Try our Soups and Health Quiz and you will know what you are missing!

Goodness of soup primarily depends on





Stock or broth is a made by slowly simmering ____ with vegetables like onions and carrots.





Slow simmering of stock extracts the minerals of bone, marrow and vegetables as ______





Gelatin, an important constituent of stock, has which of the following attributes?
I. Easily digested thereby promotes muscle growth and metabolism.
II. Contains amino acids like arginine and glycine that enhances the amino acid composition of other protein sources like meat and egg.
III. promotes building and maintaining cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.
IV. Rapidly absorbs digestive juices thereby retarding excessive acid buildup in the stomach.





Vegetables, mushroom, meat and poultry retain most of their natural nutrients when





Homemade tomato soup contains lycopene and _____ both antioxidants.





Onion, a commonplace ingredient in most soups, contain quercetin which is,




____-based soups fights blood clots and atherosclerotic buildup, removes heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body and is a source of selenium.





Miso, a buttery, Soybean paste added to soup preparations, is believed to reduce risk of ____





Chicken soup, also called ‘Jewish Penicillin’, is a worldwide favorite for its





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