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Review by Vijayalakshmi, a mom from JSS Public School BSK II Stage Bangalore.

Two months Ago I got Book Titled “Tell Me Why” to Sanjay.  It is small sized booklet, contains the information in the Question and Answer format on the specific topic like Computers, Birds, Animals, Wonders of the World and Petroleum. My son was able to read and understand the details own his own by reading this Book.

Details about the Book:

Book Name: Tell Me Why

Publisher: House of Manorama

Price: 20/-

Periodicity: Monthly

Age Group: 8 Years to 15 Years

Available: News paper Selling Outlets or Subscription.

No. of Issues Published Till Date: 75

What Book contains:

  1. Every month the book will be published on a specific Topic like Computers.
  2. It contains 100 Question and Answers on the Specific topic. This covers all the information on the selected topic.
  3. Answers will be written in simple English with lots of pictures and Jokes.
  4. Important points will be highlighted in every page.

How it helps the Children:

  1. Children can gain knowledge on a specific topic just by reading only one book.
  2. Saves lot time, since all the information is available in a single book.
  3. Contents are written using a simple language; So Children can read and understand easily.
  4. Extra details on topics covered in their regular Academics.

Review by Vijayalakshmi , a mom from JSS Public School BSK II Stage Bangalore.

Dear Parents!! I am Vijayalakshmi G M IT Professional Trainer, Blogger and Mother of K Sanjay Class III from JSS Public School BSK II Stage Bangalore.

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Comments (8)


    Vijayalakshmi G M says:

    Dear Rajarajan,

    Thanks for the comments.

    Do visit my blog:

    Rajarajan says:

    it is very nice

    Vijayalakshmi G M says:

    Dear Suresh,

    Thanks for your comments.

    This is definitely enrich the General Knowledge of the children.

    Suresh says:

    yes this is very nice and useful to develop the general knowledge for the kids & boys.

    Vijayalakshmi G M says:

    Dear Lalitha,

    Thank you for your comments.

    Do subscribe for this book for your child. Definitely it will help her / him to gain knowledge on a particular topic.

    Lalitha says:

    Nice to get such valuable information. Thanks . I shall subscribe it at once…

    Vijayalakshmi G M says:

    Thank you for your valuable Feedback.

    Thiagarajan says:

    FRIENDS, i have been subscribing Tell Me Why for the past 3 years; it has been very useful for improving GK for all ages; it is the ultimate in providing valuable information and genuine; there is none in indian publishing houses that can match their standards; i suggest every parent to subscribe to this magazine;

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