THE COBRA by Frederick Forsyth
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Review by Abhijeet Sudhakar, a student from Yashodham High School, Mumbai

‘THE COBRA’ is a novel by the master storyteller Frederick Forsyth. It is about narcotics, specifically cocaine and drug lords ruling the west. Forsyth has given a complete description of cocaine industry, its production, processing, administration & logistics, profits etc. The details are all meticulously researched.

The U.S government appoints Cobra, an ex-CIA agent to destroy the cartel as the menace of the white powder grows out of proportion in Europe and America. The book shows how narcotics can prove to be a terror in the world and how Cobra weaves a trap for the drug baron spanning three continents.

For me, the Berrigan Report on cocaine, kidnapping of Juan Cortez and capturing of ships carrying cocaine are all the best parts of the novel. The gang war which was stirred by Cobra is also astounding. As it was my first book of Forsyth, I had little knowledge about his storytelling abilities. But, after reading the book I have experienced a new world of thriller stories. It is gripping.

Readers, Beware! Don’t jump into conclusions because there are many twists in the story, you may encounter. Go ahead and take a plunge. IT IS ADDICTIVE!

Review by Abhijeet Sudhakar, a student from Yashodham High School, Mumbai

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