The Left and Right Brain Test: Which side is more dominant? – Part 2
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As Edward de bono said Creativity involves breaking out of established pattern in order to look at thing in different way.

Here is another simple test, it’s called 9 dots.

The objective of this test is to connect all dots using 4 lines (or less) without lifting your pencils. Don’t see the solutions before you have tired all ways possible to solve this problem.

Few probable solutions are given at the end of the article

Our left brain will try and find logical solutions to the given problem and restrict itself within the parameter of the dots. If you allow your right brain to think along with it, it will find a solution out of the box.

While the right/left notation has some value in indicating that not all thinking is linear and symbolic the matter has been exaggerated to the point that it is dangerous and limiting and doing great harm to the cause of creativity. The left brain is the ‘educated’ part of the brain and picks up on language, symbols, and seeing things as we know they should be. The right brain is the uneducated “innocent” that has learned nothing. So in matters of drawing, music, and the like, the right brain can see things with an innocent eye. You might draw things as they really look, not as you think they ought to be.

The right brain might allow a more holistic view instead of building things up point by point.

So while there is some merit in the right/left brain notation and some value for innocence in certain activities (music, drawing) the basic concept is misleading when it comes to creative thinking. (EDWARD DE BONO- serious Creativity pg: no: 33)

Recommended reading

Edward De Bono, serious Creativity, 1992, Harper Collins publisher

Edward De Bono, How to have Creative ideas, 2007, Ebury publisher

Tony Buzan, The power of Creative Intelligence, 2001, Harper Collins publisher

Probable Solutions:

Assumption 1: Not necessarily we require staying within the parameter of dots. Lines can extend a little as well

Assumption 2: Must go through the centre of the dots but not necessary to do so as the objective is to connect only.

Other Assumptions: Must stay on 2D plane, can’t shrink, and Rip, Fold etc but may not be.

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Comments (21)


    Vijayalakshmi says:

    Very interesting & good one.

    Kiran C Vyas says:


    M.Muthu says:

    Nice test for the brain

    Padmaswathy says:

    nice article…..

    Dayanand says:

    I have solved it in a training

    Kirti Jarode says:

    Very informative.

    Ajit Ghodke says:

    I had solved it as per as per assumption no.1 above when I was studying in 11th std. This riddle was asked by our family friend who was a Suptd. Engr. of Irrigation Deptt. of Maharashtra then. He congratulated me & assured my parents that I’ll certainly go for Engineering which I did and went beyond even. In my field of Civil Engineering thinking out of box is certainly essential to create things beyond imaginations of others. The article is good & true too.

    Kiran says:

    I admit i din’t solve it…GREAT!

    Devinder says:

    Interesting and solved some 10 years back…

    Nisha says:

    Good & very interesting….

    Aayesha Panjabi says:

    Good to know

    Neeta Shankar says:

    very interesting.good logic.

    Mamta Arora says:

    Very Nice More brain activities can be included..

    Sanchita says:

    A wonderful brain-racking test as well as a piece of knowledge.

    Pranoti Shrikant Nene says:

    very good , also should give exercises for optimum use of both the sides

    Rupali Sawant says:

    Interesting. More brain activities can be included

    Rupali Sawant says:

    Quite interesting information. More Brain activities can be included in text.

    Suparna Deshmukh says:

    very interesting

    Dharini Kumar says:

    very nice information about the right and left brain.

    vijaykumar says:

    The 9 dots joining test is really interesting and challenging. even the information given below about the left / right brain is more interesting.

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