Treasure Island by R. L. Stevenson
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Review by Vennila Chandrasekaran , a mom from Alpha Matriculation School Sembakkam, Chennai.

Treasure Island by R. L. Stevenson is an action packed thriller with suspense bottled till the end. It is filled with adventurous characters like sea faring pirates, men with deceit thirsting for hidden treasure, treacherous men waiting to loot and plunder what is not theirs, drunken seamen self exiled and who took pride in their lawlessness .

The story begins as expected on a sea shore .The hero of the story is a teenager Jim Hawkins he lives with his parents managing an inn called ‘Admiral Ben bow ‘ .They lead a quiet peaceful life until the first Pirate ‘old sea dog ‘steps in ,with his arrival begins the adventure and sets the course for the rest of the novel.

The chance arrival of the sea pirate captain Bill and then his brief stay at ‘Admiral Ben bow ‘ inn his friendship with Jim Hawkins ,he shows his gratitude for the hospitality at the inn by telling him of the treasure and the map .

The story is very descriptive with details of weather, interspersed with interesting similes like sleeping like a tree, eating like a bull, an instinct like a cat as knowledgeable like book etc. The sheer variety of things he describes like “along the quays and beside the multitude of ships of all sizes and rigs and Nations.” He describes the dead body lying in the ship as sort of a puppet life sized but different from life’s comeliness or life’s color. The good choice of words make us visualize the characters with minute and sharp details    “with a face as big as a ham ‘plain and pale, but intelligent and smiling —in the most cheerful spirits –a slap on the shoulder for the more favored of his guests “tells us a lot about the person mentioned .

The story moves on to the voyage to the Treasure Island of how Dr Livsey plans the crew and the sea expedition on the ship Hispaniola begins, filled with treacherous men waiting to mutiny and rebel and proclaim the treasure for themselves .The sea pirates established their rules or authority by casting black spots on their foes or person of their wrath.

The only lively character on the ship is the parrot Captain Flint about two hundred years old and Silver John description of her as ‘if anybody has seen more wickedness than her it must be the Devil himself’ is very endearing.

The ship journey is mostly about swearing drunken seamen feasting and merrymaking. There     is conspiracy among the crew and they plan to mutiny but their plans are foiled by Jim Hawkins as he overhears their intention hidden in an apple barrel .Captain Smollet ,David Livsey ,Abraham Gray ,John Trelawney owner ,John Hunter and Richard Joyce, Thomas Redruth and Jim Hawkins is all that is left of the ships company.

Jim  stumbles on the ‘man of the island ‘ Ben Gun ‘ who has been marooned in the Island for three years .R. l .Stevenson sketches the features of the man with great fineness.. He was a white man burnt by the sun,… of all the beggar men that I had seen or fancied, he was the Chief for raggedness ’is excellent.

Hispaniola is a fantastic name for a ship ,is taken over by Pirates  and has the black flag of Piracy Jolly Roger hoisted on it .Jim Hawkins daringly goes and rescues the ship risking his life in the process and successfully brings it under his control.

The suspense or climax when Dr Livsey hands over the map to the bad bunch of foul mouthed lawless pirates brings about the twist in the story .The treacherous scheming seamen led by John Silver after   many murders and bloodshed set on the trail to find the treasure of Captain Bill .They proceed undaunted only to discover that the treasure was already excavated by Ben Gun.

This novel Treasure Island is a thrilling book comprising all the necessary ingredients of bravery, loyalty, treachery     greed and selfishness of human life. It introduces us to the life of Sea faring, their lawless and boastful ways, of manner less Pirates and also the characters of good citizens .The story is set in Victorian Era and gives insight into the culture, tradition and custom of the people of that age.

Review by Vennila Chandrasekaran , a mom from Alpha Matriculation School Sembakkam, Chennai.
I am Mrs .Vennila Chandrasekaran I have a masters in Psychology .I am a school teacher .My hobbies are reading and writing .I have two sons aged twelve years and nine years . They study in Alpha Matriculation School Sembakkam.

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    Good narration and interestingly written.

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    excellent review

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