Birbal the Wise Vol.1 Publisher by Navneet Publications
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Review by Sanjay K, a student from JSS Public School BSK II Stage Bangalore.

Details about the Book:

Book Name: Birbal the Wise Vol 1 [Vikas Joy Books]
Publisher: Navneet Publications

Price: 95/-

Age Group:  8 to 12 Years

Birbal was an intelligent, wise and trusted Minister in Akbar’s Court.  This book contains 14 stories which show Birbal’s Cleverness and Intelligence.  Some of the stories which I like in this book are:

  1. The Golden Gallows – In this story Emperor Akbar Order to kill all the Son-In-Laws in the Delhi on his anger over his own Son-in-Law.  Birbal uses his intelligence and made Akbar to realize his mistake and revoke his order of killing all the Son-in-Laws in Delhi.
  2. Prince’s Friend – In this story The Prince was friend with a commander’s son who was lazy and vagabond.  Akbar was worried about his friendship with the commander’s son.  Birbal made a plan to cut the Prince friendship with commander’s son and was able to do this work successfully.

You should read this book to know about Birbal’s  intelligence.  Hope you will Enjoy reading this book.

Review by Sanjay K, a student from JSS Public School BSK II Stage Bangalore.

Hi Friends!! I am Sanjay K studying in III STD JSS Public School BSK II Stage Bangalore. I got this book as gift on Birthday from my friend Lupita. This book contains stories about the Wise Birbal one of the famous minister in Akbar’s Court.

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Comments (2)


    Vijayalakshmi G M says:

    Dear Tharani,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I Thought these details we will the parents the parents.

    Sanjay’s Mom
    Please visit blog:

    Tharani says:

    i have never read a review that contains publisher’s name,price and age group. it is an excellent review

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