Campion School is Numero Uno!!
Posted on: September 11, 2013. Comments ( 7 )

Author: Campion School, Colaba, Mumbai

Here’s news that is sure to bring smiles to our faces.

Campion School is ranked No.1 among India’s Top Day Boys Schools in the Education World India School Rankings 2013. Over 5,700 parents, teachers, principals and educationists across the country were interviewed to rate and rank over 400 well-known schools on 14 parameters of education excellence.

This achievement is really creditable especially because our country’s educational institutions number in hundreds of thousands.  Further, in today’s educational scenario there have been a plethora of I.B. schools and international Schools mushrooming virtually daily. The level of competition from other institutions has also escalated greatly. Every institution promises the sky to their students however it is Campion that is making all our promises bear fruit and …..we have proof!!!.

Having been founded in the year 1943, Campion school has 70 years of grooming and raising boys into men of character and substance.

The Jesuit traditions of ” To train MEN FOR OTHERS” and Campion Motto “ Joy in Truth” is based on the passionate belief in equality in a school system where every one of our charges has the same opportunity to succeed and flourish regardless of socio- economic background or creed.

Campion’s success lies in the fact that we foster a spirit of creativity, independence, good citizenship, responsibility, and prioritizing of goals so that we can promote a desire for life- long learning. In short we equip our boys ably for adult hood and teach them the stellar virtue of giving back. You have only to peruse the astounding list of luminaries that make up our ex- Campionite roster to know that Campion has earned the right to be the best boys day-school in India!!

Paul Machado, Principal

Campion School

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Comments (7)


    Jhaveri Rituu says:

    hats off sir machado,teachers and students congratulations for this achievement

    Morris Zubin says:

    Congratulations to the Principal , teachers ,staff and boys. It is an achievement to be proud of. We wish the school every success .

    Andre Henry says:

    Well Done & God Bless to all concerned !

    Sheriff says:

    Truly brings smiles to our faces to be ranked Numero Uno. This credit goes to Mr. Machado and his team.

    Latif Rafat says:


    Latif Rafat says:

    hats off ! The onus goes to the faculty and specialy the principal who posseses dynamic leadership qualities to get the desired results out of the students.

    Chhibber Nupur says:

    Kudos to this achievement! Way to go…

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