Field trip to Windmill – Pon Vidyashram, Velachery, Chennai
Posted on: March 29, 2013. Comments ( 18 )

Author: Pon Vidyashram School, Velachery, Chennai

Students of class V, VI & VII visited the Centre of Wind Energy Technology – Pallikaranai on 20.2.2013 accompanied by two teachers.

They were explained about Various topics which includes Global Warming, Energy, Renewable and Nonrenewable resources, Unit of Energy, Green House gas effect, Hydro, Nuclear, Solar Power Etc.

They were also explained about the working of Windmill.

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Comments (18)


    Sangeetha says:

    We like to have these kind of field trips in other branches also I don’t know why there is no uniformity with branches.

    Nithya says:

    We appreciate such initiative from the school management of Velachery branch. We look forward for such informative trips in the coming months also…

    Kalpana says:

    kids will enjoy practical than studying. They can understand easy by doing practical.

    Hema says:

    Indeed a very good initiative by the school. This is the need of the hour. Children need to be educated on renewable / alternate energy sources, so they can innovate new ways to generate power.

    Thandavamoorthy says:

    All schools may follow this kind of initiative.

    Excellent,Keep it up.

    Gokul says:

    good to see the kids having good exposure towards various activities like this and it would be appreciated if the same would continue once in couple of months

    Metilda says:

    Good practical exposure to the children. Appreciate the school management.

    Rajesh Kannan says:

    Nice to see these kind of initiatives, it would be better if these kids are taken to banks, govt offices and let them get the practical knowledge of day to day life of a common man

    Sushmma says:

    Very good attempt to increase the practical application
    interest of students in science.

    Lakshmi Prasanna says:

    We Welcome such initiatives.Will be more happy if relative trips are conducted for class I kids also.

    Arunachaleswaran says:


    Good Initiative to ignite young minds.

    Will be very fruitful if continued with more such field trips and activities in future too.

    Parameswari says:

    Good to see this. Hope school is going in a right path. These kind of trips will be an eye opening knowledge to the kids.

    Venkatesh Kumar says:

    You do such a great job! Very nice to see this. Keep it up.

    Elayaraja says:

    Good to see this kind of info us to understand the happenings beyond school

    Balaji Parthasarathy says:

    Good initiative! Keep it up!

    Pradip Nair says:

    Nice to see this. As stated in other comments let’s hope the frequency gets increased.

    Ramesh says:

    Good to have like this trip every 2 months so that they have good exposure

    Leelavathy says:

    We appreciate field trip like this so that the kids with get a practical knowldege of what science is.

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