How about dress code for parents?
Posted on: August 24, 2013. Comments ( 23 )

Author: Bipin Thomas, parent of Sishya School, Thoraipakkam, Chennai

Bipin Thomas, parent of Sishya School, Thoraipakkam, Chennai:

Just read in the newspaper about schools imposing a dress code on the parents when they come to drop and pick up their child(ren). Thi s was in response to some parents coming in Lungis and Nighties to school. In the same vein does wearing shorts and 3/4th also for school functions and open house amount to improper atire?

Well in my opinion I do think so.

Counter opinions are welcome.

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Comments (23)


    Vinay Vitthal Kulkarni says:

    School is a formal place. Place to cultivate discipline and learning. I thank every time you visit a school one should be formally dressed. That is one of the way to inculcate discipline and show respect.
    I also belive proper dressing promotes proper behaviour.

    Prasad says:

    Yes, i do agree that a disciplined dress code is necessary. These foreign culture of wearing 3/4th pants and sleeveless shirts during annual day meet at schools seems not advisable.
    Well now a days educating child with high expenditure makes some parents to express there profile of living style by there dress code.
    Ex:1. Female parent try to wear tights and Male parent with 3/4th pant and sleevless shirts, 2. Female parent eases with a night wear with make up ON and male parent with dhoti and moped, 3.Simple pant and shirt male parent and female parent saree or chudidhar.
    This is an observation during visit at schools.
    Hoping to find a unique standard and discipline educating parents with systems implemented by default with sign boards to correct themselves displayed at schools in KANNADA and ENGLISH for clear understanding when dropping and picking their ward.

    D.chandrasekharan says:

    i am grandfather of students studying in 1st and pre kg .i notice many parents entering school to drop and pick up children with shorts.
    school to inform strictly to parents thro students to adhere rules.
    if children inform parents. there may be response.

    i pointed out few parents who commit this behavior.still to find positive result

    if you are keen to follow, all parents are requested to point out at least 2 in your school.

    Sivanandam says:

    I appreciate all of your efforts; Dress code is the one of the most important fact, when we drop our Childers in the school.

    Thamarai Selvi says:

    Yes, dress code for parents is a must.The child is in clean uniform and parents out of bed look. This should stop.PTA -a place to showcase the economic status of parents. most of them come like attending a partywith gadget exhibition. This should also stop. I am a professor. I have seen parents on PTA telling us ”Mam, I cannot refuse the costly cellphones to my child but you dont allow my child to use the cellphone”. Funny. Neatly dressed is alway welcome. This helps all the children to be well dressed and disciplined. The world of a child begins at home. Discipline should start at home. Outside world will automatically follow soon. Hope the day is close by.

      Jayasankar says:

      yes. I agree.

      Discipline starts from home. If we do not follow the dress code, children will also not.

      School authority should also educate the children about the importance.

    Srinivas says:

    As most of them said before me, I hold the same view, yes! Parents needs to be a “Role Model” to their wards, there is no second thought on that account. While this issue of parents wearing decent attire while coming/entering the schools of their wards, should not only seen in the context of their child/ren alone. It also involves the way you (as parent) project yourselves in the eyes of other parents, students and teachers in general. If certain things could not be changed, (as some expressed their opinion that parents should themselves be responsible to wear decent attire) but if that is not happening, then it is nothing wrong in school management enforcing the same, with some “discipline” amongst parents. All these talks of philosophizing the issue with personal freedom and that the children should accept the disparities of various attire and to adjust themselves to them are all vain talks. Discipline is discipline and if you do not find the same even in parents and then how that the same parent could complain at times (mostly against the school management) when they their wards lacking in this account. Needs serious thoughts.


    Vijayakumar says:

    Many thanks to all and it is very important discussion.
    Being responsible for their children’s actions is a vital part of parenting. By following these simple steps of responsible parenting, today’s society would be a better place. It is important that parents understand their job is not being the child’s friend, but rather to guide them; this often requires the parents to discipline their children. Failure to teach the children at a young age can have a life-long negative impact on the child’s life and the life of those around them.

    There are many responsibilities related to caring for children. These responsibilities require that the parents be proper role models for the children. Parents need to teach their children morals and values in order for their behavior to be socially acceptable. Parents should be responsible for their children’s actions

    Milind Bosco says:

    It is important For PTA meetings and open days when parents go inside the school to be formally dressed, not in tshirt and jeans or three-fourts as many fathers do.

    Venkatesh says:

    Yes agreed. And even with constraint i would say a few are coming in such attire with the same to their daughters (With tights & very small tops) with big phones on hand, even not switching off or put to silence, during the PTA meet and answering in high pitch. I strongly believe a school is not a place to showcase our vanity nor our freedom of life. We should be role-models. And even teachers are questioned as a service provider…everything has a way to express …

    Balaji says:

    I fully agree with the view that parents should set an example since they are the role models for children. It is the responsibility of parents to help children imbibe good and appropriate dress sense.

    Sreekanth says:

    Parents should be a role model for children not only in school, but also outside school. They have to sacrifice certain things for the tuning-up of the child to a nice homely Indian culture. This is where every parent is careless. I request all the parents to cooperate to give a better child and better India. Thank you.

    Arumugam P. says:

    If you are not a roll model for your children, then who else. Education first starts at Home and then school. School cannot impose dresscode for parents but parents themselves should realise their responsibility while moving in the society including school..

    Sivakumar says:

    Yes , I too Agree. First the Parent shuold be a good Role Model for thier Children.
    This will increase the confidence level and create some value about their schools.

    Subashini says:

    I absolutely agree with Mr. Bipin, shorts, 3/4 are all not proper attire. But I don’t think the school has to keep enforcing these things, we are parents, adults! we should know how to be attired when entering the premises where our child is getting education, . after all we are all educated .

    Karthikeyan says:

    However outside of the school premises,.it should be a decision taken by an individual as to what makes him more comfortable to wear when he has to quickly drop the kid or pickup and go back

      Rukmani says:

      It might be okay to enforce a dress code within school premises, as in PTA meetings or drop and pick up within school premises – much like any other social institution – much like any public place demanding certain decorum. But outside on the road! Kids watch movies, look at tabloids, watch TV and their parents! How about language, decorum, behaviour, courtesy, manners, values, integrity, principles…! All these are as grave , if not more than the clothes that parents wear!

    Karthikeyan says:

    It is imperative to wear a proper attire, the way we carry ourselves as parents is how a child is going to follow.

      Kousalya.P says:

      As arumugam said, we are the first inspiration and roll model for our children. If we are not in proper attire, we cannot question our children when they grow up. we should inculcate the values to them. Our dressings need not be in professional look. But no night dresses and 3/4th

        Rukmani says:

        Kids cannot be insulated from the world without. They should be taught that the real beauty lies not in appearance but in the behaviour of people around them. Imagine kids growing up in an artificial environment. Kids will see mothers in saris going to school, then the same mother go home and get into shorts to go to the beach and tights in a party. Wont that be confusing too? Agreed, the school is not the beach, but it is not a three piece suit environment either. We would do better to teach them to ignore attire

          Uma says:

          Will anybody go to a party in a sari?.

          We need to teach our children by example.

          School is a place of education, where vanity and convenience are not given importance. And the drive and concentration is on imparting and amassing knowledge.

          A beautiful age when all the value system get imbibed by observation.

            Rukmani says:

            Precisely my point Uma. It will be great if kids can learn to discern and understand. If they are learning by observation, they will question too. It is good if we can say, wear decent clothes (I wear sarees all the time! – that does not make me a better person than the mothers who dress differently!) However, if I were to wear a sari just for school and do other stuff elsewhere, it would teach my children that its Okay to dress any which way elsewhere, but maintain a ‘uniform’ at school. If the kids were to grow up and travel the world, they will be better off if they don’t stare at people wearing”unacceptable” or “unusual” clothes. They will be better adjusted if they can talk to the person and not their clothes! They will also learn to be at ease in any environment, because, they would have learnt to be comfortable with them selves! I have a strong feeling that rigid value systems with an underlying string of hypocrisy with the pressure vessel effect, coupled with lack of openness has a lot to do with the sociual turbulence we have on our hands and we are going to bequeath these dangers to the next generation too!

            By all means, ask for decency, but let adults decide what is decent in their own books. Glamour is ‘no’, decency is ‘yes’, not a choice between capris/ salwars.

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