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KG Class Project – Pon Vidyashram, Valasaravakkam, Chennai
Posted on: September 26, 2013. Comments ( 50 )

Author: Pon Vidyashram, Valasaravakkam, Chennai

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The KG Class Project ‘Rhapsody 2013’ was held on 6th September 2013 (Friday) between 9.00 a.m and 12.30 p.m at Pon Vidyashram, Valasaravakkam. The Pre KG Class Project titled “Paws and Claws” aptly displayed the shelters of animals and brought in a panoramic view of ‘Zoo’, ‘farm’, ‘desert’ and ‘aquatic life’. Children dressed up as animals tapped their feet to the rhythmic animal rhyme.

The LKG Project on ‘Fruits’ named as “Ornamental Orchard” created an awareness about healthy eating and also stressed upon Vegetarianism.  Models of “Pon Pazha Mudir Nilayam” and classification of fruits according to the place of growth were displayed. There was an enticing exhibit of an array of uses of fruits grouped, as ‘food’, ’cosmetics’ and ‘personal hygiene’. Children dressed up as fruits were musically agile for Tamil rhymes.

The ‘tasseled threshold’ class project of UKG was rightly titled for, their authentic display of various types of houses was a feast for our eyes. Be it the ancient cave habituated by early men, the tree top house in the dense canopied jungle, the temporary tests for picnics, the palace adorned by the Maharajas or the villas of OMR were perfectly made ready for house warming. Children spoke about the materials used to construct the various types of houses.

The UKG Project stressed on ‘Eco friendly houses’ the need of the hour.

A gypsy dance and an English rhymet ‘sweet home’ conveyed the message that ‘East or West, Home is the Best’

The KG project was a successful learning process which kindled the young minds and was also highly informative.

Report on School Project – Virugambakkam

School project was held on 06.09.2013 between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm. The tiny tots of PreKG exhibited the animal life in “Vana Jeevan”. The LKG Kids explained the uses and different types of fruits in “Frisky Fruit Festoon”. The UKG houses in “Griha Pakaram”.

The day started with excitement and children were eager to explain about the models displayed. Our beloved Principal Mrs. Usha Ravichandran encouraged the participants by her gracious presence. Parents were over whelmed on seeing their children’s presentation. It was a great feast for the eyes and ears.

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Comments (50)


  1. Kolappan says:

    very nice work

  2. Monivelan says:

    WOW!!! congrats to all… Good Team Work.

  3. R.Senthilnathan says:

    If school has Organic garden maintained by students. It would be a dream come true. I have seen many childrens very fond of plants and gradually it decrease as they grow. This is because we don’t encourage them in maintaining gardens.

  4. Meenakshi says:

    good team work. congrats to students & teachers

  5. Thirulogachandar says:

    excellent job

  6. Devi says:

    nice and congratulations to all the kids

  7. Sasikala says:

    Good effort by Teaches,Parents and Students… Keep up the Good Work…

  8. Dilip Kumar R says:

    Very good. Any photos from Kolapakkam br?

  9. VINOD says:

    Congrats to all, but I don’t find any Pre-KG photo in this

  10. Jaisingh says:

    very excellent, congrats to teachers , students and parents.

  11. Jaisingh says:

    very excellent, congrats to teachers students and parents.

  12. ILAYARAJA.M says:

    very nice work

  13. Anandakumaran says:

    Its awesome job done by all.

  14. Rajeswari says:

    Nice Work. Congrats kids

  15. Senthil says:

    wonderfull!! kudos to all..

  16. Prakash says:

    I agree this is a great effort from the management and staffs.
    As a parent of a child who participated in this event, I have an request to management, please change the order in which Principal visit is planned during these exhibitions.

    Need to start from Pre K.G, L.K.G, & U.KG it was on the reverse order.

  17. Vijayashree Wijayatilak says:

    Excellent work Team! Great to see the role played by the dedicated Teachers and the tiny tots.

  18. Priya says:

    Very nice to see this teachers, parents, and children’s are given good effort to the project work keep it up

  19. Bama says:

    Nice. Congrats to the team.

  20. Ashok says:

    commendable students.

  21. Sudarsan says:

    Very nicely done. Congrats to the concerned.

  22. Anusha says:

    Amazing job. Congratulations to the entire team!!!

  23. Saravanan says:

    Excellent.Congrats to teachers, students and parents.

  24. Navamani says:

    Phenominal…. Kudos to the kids.

  25. CHINNARAJA says:

    Excellent Team work !!. Congrats Teacher and Students.

  26. Kannan says:

    Great & excellent work !!!

  27. shanmuganathan says:

    Excellent job, congratulations!! To all

  28. Rini Santhosh says:

    Nice and colourful work. Appreciate the team work.

  29. Suresh says:


  30. Shanthi says:

    congrats for the entire teams

  31. Sridhar says:

    Congrats all Teachers & Students for their wonderful team work.

  32. Venkatachalapathy says:

    congrats for the entire team. fantastic.

  33. Ravikumar says:

    Kudos to all the Teachers ! Team work works…..
    The guidance from superiors and motivation from them to their students is laudable and praiseworthy.

    All the Best Team of Teachers !!

  34. Usha says:

    excellent work and co-ordination. hats off to you kids!

  35. Venkatesan says:

    Great to see, wonderful job.

    Thanks to all teachers.

  36. Gopinath says:

    Excellent work
    Congrats for All.

  37. Madhusudan says:

    Superb and first of all congratulations to the Management and Principal for coming up with the novel idea. Congrats are definitely due to teachers and parents for encouraging the tiny tots. Last but not least kudos to children for participating. Keep up the good work

  38. S. Bala Murugan says:

    congrats teachers and students

  39. Mythili says:

    Congratulations to all the Teachers, Parents and the students. Keep up the good work for all the classes

  40. Shanthilal says:

    Congratulations!! To the parents and teachers of Pon Vidyashram school. Keep up the good work.

  41. Vetrivel Pandian says:

    congrats teachers & student

  42. Kiransskee says:

    Great work guys, kudos for the team work…

  43. Krishna Priya says:

    Excellent work Team!!!! It was really a eye treat to see the students, Teachers & parents giving their best efforts to make it a great event.

  44. Sasirekha says:

    Excellent.Congrats to the entire team.

  45. Hemanth Kumar says:

    Excellent Team work !!. Congrats Teacher and Students.

  46. Sunitha says:

    Congrats to teacher s students n parents

  47. Swarna Lakshmi says:

    congrats for the entire team !!!!!!!!!!

  48. Indumathi says:

    Its really nice to see the works

  49. Chakrapani says:


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