Master. Balaji Sriram, a budding Keyboard Player
Posted on: July 19, 2013. Comments ( 11 )

Author: R. Sriram, father of Balaji, Chennai

Sriram, father of Balaji:

I would like to share with you the achievements of my son Master. Balaji Sriram, studying 6th std, in Swamy’s Matric School, Porur, Chennai. He started learning keyboard at the age of 4. He specializes in carnatic music. He worked hard to play the difficult notes of carnatic music in his keyboard, an instrument relatively less explored in carnatic form, under the guidance of his Guru Tmt. Dr. Baby Sriram, a renowned vocal artist. He performed his first stage program at the age of 5 and with God’s blessings continues to do so on various stages. He gave a concert on Podhigai (Doordharshan) in the year 2010, at the age of 8.

He released one musical album named “Bala’Swaras”, a two volume video album on 05-08-2011. He is going to perform a carnatic concert in keyboard on 24-08-2013 at TTD Auditorium, Venkatnarayana road, T.Nagar. His performances are in Youtube and can be reached by searching “Keyboard Balaji”. I expect your support and encouragement for the budding talent.

Master. Balaji Sriram’s Videos:

Keyboard Balaji playing “Pallikattu Sabarimalaik” Keyboard Balaji playing “RAA… RAAA”
Keyboard Balaji playing VATHAPI GANAPATHIM (CARNATIC) Keyboard Balaji playing “BRAHMAM OKATE”

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Comments (11)


    Gomathy says:

    really very happy to see this littlt brilliant musician. I need a heip from you sir. Im also near porur(kovur) may i know the best keyboard master in this area, plz suggest me.

    Parthasarathy Raghavan says:

    I saw GOD while listening him.


    I am aghast and I am proud that I was alive to hear him.

    Thank you God for every pleasure you bestowed to me.

      Sriram.R says:

      I thank all the well wishers for their blessings to the child. With all your support and encouragement, I pray to the Almighty to be with him in his future endeavors.

    PRASAD says:

    Outstanding maestro kid key boarder, may lord Balaji bless him with lots of talent.

    Suchitra says:

    No words to express my happiness! Awesome!!!!

    Radhika says:

    It is a treat to our ears. excellent performance by master balaji sriram. All the best for his future endeavors.

    Vidhya says:

    Dear Balaji,

    Wonderful to hear! Keep it up and make the best use of GOD given talent !

    Radha says:

    All the best to Sriram, May God bless you with lots of talent and wisdom.

    Umamaheswari says:

    Awesome. All the videos were very nice.

    Bommakanti Rajyalakshmi says:

    all the videos were superb. great.. all the very best for the budding artist and wish to see more videos of balaji sriram.

    Ravi Rao says:

    Awesome. A budding prodigy indeed!! All the very best to him.

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