T M Soundarajan – The Legendary Singer passed away
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Author: ‘Bale’ Sampat, a Chartered Accountant and a Carnatic Musician.

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T M Soundarajan, popularly TMS, passed away at the age of 91, on 25th May 2013. Another legend of film industry after T K Ramamurthy and P B Sreenivas had gone. Yokibu has already carried two parts article on this giant.  In this week, as a mark of respect, let me give some of my most favourite songs of both TMS and PBS.

Let us first listen to the golden voice of the one and only, the King TMS

Sindhanai Sei Maname Paatum Naane

Let us now listen to the velvet voice of PBS

Because of page constraint, I can not include all of my favourites. But, I sincerely believe, all of you  enjoy these songs.

Answer for the last week Quiz: Mahathi

Quiz for this week: Name two another song the duo TMS and PBS sung together.

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‘Bale’ Sampat, a Chartered Accountant and a Carnatic Musician, lives in Chennai and teaches Piano.

Email: harsat9503@gmail.com

Comments (4)


    Sivakumar says:

    The loss of great legend TMS is an irrepairable one. He ruled the tamil world with his golden voice, whether it is a devotional song, romantic song or philosophical song one can feel it that is the speciality of TMS. ‘Moonrelzhithil en moochirukkum’ ‘Andha nall gnabagam’ ‘Adho andha paravai’ ‘Odum megangale’ and Murugan devotional songs are a few to mention out of thousands of wonderful songs. There is no death to this living legnd. As long as tamil lives, his songs will rule.


    “TMS” the name for tamil lyrics, especially from 1950 till 1990. The golden voice, the lion’s roaring the attracted millions of tamils globally.

    The voice that ruled the entire mass through the thespians MGR & Sivaji (Sirs). God’s wonderful creation is TMS sir. His devotional contribution on & off the screen will be always filled in the air.

    Thank you,


    Sudarsan says:

    Nice article on the man who will never fade out from our memories.

    Answer the two Quiz: Two other songs of TMS PBS duo : 1. Nallavan enakku naane nallavan(Padithal mattum Poduma)

    2. Paadinal or pattu (oru thai makkal ) I think it is perhaps the last song of the duo.

    3. Aval parandu ponale( paar magale paar)

    To your lovely ist, I would like to add one generally unknown but a rare gem of a song : Chinna Chinna Mookkuthiam (Padai Theriyudu Paar by M B Srinivasan). Even he (TMS) mentioned this song in his all time favourite songs. What a feel! A true folk melody.

    Sudarsan says:

    What a singer| What a loss | Every inch a singer. But, never got his due from the powers that be. If he had been a singer from Hindi regions and hindi films, he would have got Dada Saheb Palke Award or even Bharat Ratna. It is at-least understandable. But, what is intriguing and disturbing is the total indifference of the film buffs and and the tfm listeners (especially the born in the seventies and thereafter) towards this singer non-pareil. Whatever it is, passing away of such legends, TMS, PBS, TKR etc. makes us really poorer. I request you to bring out a series of writings on such great musicians.

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