Travel to “Holland” with Avinash, 7th std Student of BVM, Adyar, Chennai
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Author: N.Avinash
Class: 7th Standard
School: Bala Vidya Mandir, Adyar, Chennai

I went to Holland with my parents during this summer vacation. Many parts of Holland are below sea level and walls called dykes are used to prevent sea water from entering the land. Amsterdam is the capital of Holland. There are many canals in the city and boats and cycles are the important modes of transportation within the city. There were many windmills both old and new in the country and we climbed on top of an old wind mill.

I visited the famous Keukenhof tulip gardens and Madurodam where everything is made in miniature. Keukenhof garden has plenty of tulips of different colours, sizes and shapes and looks very beautiful. The garden has a windmill, a music box and a souvenir shop selling souvenirs like small sized clogs (wooden shoes), traditional dome buildings, windmills etc.

Marurodam has models made very realistic and miniature in size – Buildings, ships, trains, airport with planes, roads etc. Some of the models are moving type such as taxiing planes, moving ships, rotating windmills etc. It was very enjoyable both for children and adults.

We went on cruise by motor boat through the canals in the city and saw many land marks during the cruise. The boat is glass covered making it easy for sightseeing. Many bridges cross the canal and the buildings on the sides of the canal are traditional type and beautiful. Holland is famous for cheese and we tasted several types of cheese.

Comments (3)


    Mahendran says:

    Well described avinash….All the best for your future…

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    Ramsundar says:

    Very nice and informative

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