Master R.S. Vishaal – A child prodigy in the offing
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Author: Srinivasan Rosi, mother of Vishaal, Chennai

R. S. Vishaal S/o R. Srinivasan is a dedicated student of master Drum Gopal. He joined to learn drums even before joining the play school at the age of 2 1/2 years.

Mr. Drum Gopal is the first teacher to teach him. Their parents chose Drums because when he was one year old he used to tap the chairs while they listen music, slowly they started to notice Vishaal drumming for cheerful songs played in the television and later on, it became as his habit. Then they started to search classes for him. There may be many institutions but they refused to train a 2 1/2 years child. At last Mr. Madhan (Guitarist) who works in Raj t.v suggested Drum Gopal. When their parents took R. S. Vishaal to the institution, Mr. Drum Gopal was stunned by his interest and talent. He accepted to train him. And later R. S. Vishaal joined as Kinder Garden student at St. Patrick’s ICSE School, Adyar, Chennai.

One day his class teacher Ms. Malini raised a complaint to his parents that he used to drum on the bench during the class hours. On a shocking note Ms. Malini came to know that Vishaal was practicing drums from the age of 2 1/2 by their parents.  Ms. Malini was happy for Vishaal and she even gave him an opportunity to perform a Solo at a Prestiges School Function. Then Vishaal’s second chance came in flash when he had an opportunity to do a Solo performance at the Annual Day Function which was personally trained by our family members Mr Arun and Ashok

Master Drum Gopal saw the video of Vishaal’s performance Held at the school function and felt very happy that his student has special talent. Soon came the opportunity for Vishaal to perform at Stage level shows which was handed to him by his Master.

Then he became a regular student of ISAIMOTTUGAL Orchestra. Now he had made 17 hours nonstop Drumming Marathon which took place in lNDIA BOOK OF RECORDS and TAMIL NADU BOOK OF RECORDS.
At the age of six most of the students tend to be playful but it’s not in R.S.Vishaal’s case. As a six year old R.S.Vishaal achieved this feet because of Dedication and Sincerity.


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Comments (4)


    Nikita Ameerganatra says:

    Wow.. God bless U lil champ..

      Srinivasan says:

      Thank You Mam.
      Just now saw your Blessings. Thank you sooooooooo much. Good heart blessings are really good which make him more growing. Now Vishaal had achieved the winner of sahana competition musical instruments(drums) in the age group of 7-9 on 12/07/2015 held at Perambur(Chennai)

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