A Magical Butterfly… short story by Mythili Pai, Std. V, Capitol Public School, Bangalore
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Author: Mythili Pai, Std. V, Capitol Public School, Bangalore

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Bella. She was very pretty and always helped others who were in need. One day she was in her bedroom reading a novel. Suddenly a beautiful, multi-colored butterfly buzzed around her. The butterfly said to Bella in a soft voice, “Come with me”. Bella went with the butterfly. Then she realized that she was not in her home but in a magical land full of unicorns, rainbows, butterflies and much more.

She was very happy and started to walk through the magical land. Then she got to know that the butterfly who had spoken to her was from the magical land. After a while, she started to ride on unicorns, slide on the rainbows, and play with the butterflies. As she was walking through the magical forest, she noticed a baby unicorn stuck in a bunker. She ran to it and tried to help it. After freeing it she saw a wound on the baby unicorn’s leg. She held it in her hands and took it to the other unicorns. The mother of the unicorn helped its child get better.

Two days later Bella returned home. She missed all the fun and wanted to go back to the magical land. She followed the path and reached the magical land. She noticed that there were no unicorns, butterflies, rainbows and the magical forest. She was very upset and began the search for the magical creature. Then she saw a big castle which was very beautiful. Actually, that castle belonged to the evil queen Lauren also called Faurina. She ruled over the magical land and had captured all the creatures for her own need. Bella knew that she had to save her friends. So, she decided to enter the castle. When she was stopped by the guards, Bella requested them to let her in. The guards said “I will ask you a riddle. If you answer it correctly, then we will let you in”. “Ok, I will answer your riddle but then you should let me in”, replied Bella. The guards asked her this riddle: “I get dirtier, as I get whiter. Tell me who I am?”

Bella answered “blackboard!” The answer was correct so the guards allowed her in. She didn’t know where her friends were. Then she heard some sounds. Then she realized that it was her friends’ voices. She ran to her friends. Then again she was stopped by someone. When she looked up, she saw Lauren, the evil queen. She became very angry and started to fight with Lauren. As a result she won the fight with wit and wisdom. She saved her friends and went home. This time she took a baby unicorn with her!

…by Mythili Pai, a Std. V student, Capitol Public School, Bangalore.

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Comments (7)


    Ramanathan says:

    Very nice. Keep writing.

    Srigiri says:

    Good going! keep it up kiddo!!! (y)

    Padma.c.s says:

    nice story

    J S Shivakumar says:

    Awesome story Mythili…..keep it up

    Prathima says:

    Way to go Mythili. Keeping writing.

    Nandini says:

    Well done Mythili. very well written. congrats and keep it up…

    Jayati says:

    Well written, keep it up !!

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