A poem on Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, by Smruthi, my twelve-year-old daughter…
Posted on: October 20, 2015. Comments ( 78 )

Author: Sangeetha Narayanan, mother of Smruthi, Chennai

Hi Parents! My daughter, twelve-year-old Smruthi, has written this poem on the life and value of Hon. Ex-president of India, Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

I felt I must share my joy with all of you and read your comments on what you felt after reading this poem.
High in our hearts,
Be it in our thoughts,
We’ve lost a wonderful person,
And that’s Kalam, like whom there can be none

Missile Man you are said to be,
Dreaming of another Kalam, I would be
To inspire thoughts, your books are there,
But we dream you to be everywhere

You once fired rockets,
Now your photo is on lockets,
That can be found in every Indian’s pockets.
Your inspiration,
Is our hearts’ lamination

We thank you for being one among us,
You still make us bees that buzz
Whatever you do to tend,
Never do you pretend

I would promise to be
The next Abdul Kalam,
But, never will I forget the salaam
You have entered everyone’s minds
Standing in its heights.


…by Smruthi, Std. VII in PSBB, K.K.Nagar, Chennai.


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Comments (78)


    Soni Kumari says:

    really thoughtful poem….nice

    Veeramuthu D says:

    Wonderful Smruthi. Keep up your good work. All the very best.

    Tanuja says:

    v good poem.

    Preeti says:

    Superb poem…God bless you..wonderful thoughts. Keep your promise. All the best.

    Renu Kumar says:


    Ginsha says:

    Great work!Brave enough to be the next Kalam.

    Daisy Ignatius says:

    Very good. God bless you.

    Sarita says:

    Beautifully written.
    God bless you dear.

    Sarita Lohagaonkar says:

    Yes …smruthy we can imagine the talent of young hearts…..and i would say Dr. Kalam also predicted the generation of india in 2020…
    well done dear ….keep going …we are proud of u and wth you too.

    Subeesh M S says:

    Good, talented and about Kalam is awsome:) keep it up dear Smruthi :)

    Rizwan says:

    Very nice thought

    Ravi says:

    well done smruthi,all the very Best to you

    Mariyappan S says:

    Very nicely articulated

    Anbarasu says:

    Good One!!!

    Anbarasu says:

    Very Nice!!!

    Tasneem Cementwala says:

    too good…keep it up

    Shashikant Shivshankar Gaud says:

    I really proud of

    Hamesh Kumar says:

    Hai Smruthi,

    Very much delighted to read your poem on Dr.Abdul Kalam.You have the wherewithal to flourish as a Poet and do carry-on and never stop writing and make it a HABIT.

    Makings of a Poet of the FUTURE!

    Ganesan S says:

    I really proud of young indian student(smruthi) are very great due to kalam life was lesson but she convert poem,good.

    Bijaya Ketan says:

    Very nice.. God bless you..All your wishes may fulfill..

    K. Ganesan says:


    Kavitha M says:

    good thoughts

    Ramanathan says:

    Very nice poem smruthi wish you all the best. God bless you.

    Kanakarajan B says:

    Fantastic Poem, Keep doing like this. All the best.

    BK. Rajan

    Gopal Patil says:

    very nice

    V Ramakrishnan says:

    What superb poetic stanzas depicting Mr. Kalam’s dream ! Wish you to do the same on all phenomenal leaders, so that there will be continuous flow of inspirational waves to the young minds.

    God Bless you.

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