Banu G. Aswin wins State Level Bronze in Swimming
Posted on: May 4, 2015. Comments ( 3 )

Author: Aswin, father of Banu, Chennai

Banu G. Aswin, a UKG student of SBOA School and Junior College, has won the Bronze Medal in 25m freestyle in 17th State Level Swimming Meet held in Virudhunagar on 24-01-2015. In the 9th Short Course State Level Swimming Meet conducted by The Tamil Nadu State Aquatic Association in Madurai on 01-03-2015, Banu won the 6th position in freestyle (competing with participants who were two years older than she was) and won the 4th position in back stroke and breaststroke (competing with participants who were one year older than she was).

We thank Mr. K.T Muraleedharan, N.I.S., the chief coach and Mrs.Rani Muraleedharan, N.I.S., the head coach of the Dolphin Swimming Academy.

It is to be noted that Banu has also made the following achievements earlier –

  • Gold medal in 25-metre butterfly stroke and the Bronze medal in 25-metre breast stroke swimming events in the 13th Padma Bhushan Lady Andal Memorial Interschool Swimming Meet held in Chennai on the 23rd and 25th of July, 2014.
  • 3 silver medals in 25-metre freestyle, 25-metre backstroke and 25-metre butterfly stroke in a competition held in Pondicherry in June 2014, that had participants from all over Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, where she was the youngest of five participants.
  • Bronze medal in 25-metre backstroke in the KESPA State Level Swimming Meet conducted by the Dolphin Swimming Academy in Chennai earlier in 2014, where she competed with students one year older than she was, making it a special occasion for her family.

This is her second swimming meet this year.

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Comments (3)


    Prathap says:

    Wow, a great achievement for her age. Hearty congratulations Banu! Wishing you more laurels and accolades in future!!!

    Kudos to you Mr.Ashwin for your support!

    Vidya.k says:

    Brilliant achievement at this age. Congrats ..

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