Quiz on the Ancient Civilizations of the World
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Harappa-Mohenjodaro. Egypt. Babylon.
The Mayans. The Incans. The Aztecs.
Test your memory with our Ancient Civilizations quiz.

Which oldest civilization—“Fertile Crescent”—of the West and Middle East—of Greek meso “middle” and potamia “river”, “land between two rivers” Euphrates and Tigris—witnessed the conquests of Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Persians and Arabs?





Which civilization that took form in 3500 BCE—ruled throughout the Bronze Ages by the Sumerians and Akkadians (2350 BC), the Assyrians (2300 BC) and the Babylonians (1700 BC)—covers entire modern-day Iraq and Kuwait and parts of Syria, Iran and Turkey?





Which later of the two oldest civilizations—Herodotus called it the “Gift of the Nile” for the fertile Nile river plains being an unending source of sustenance for its people—coalesced in 3150 BC and survived for 2,000 years until the death of last New Kingdom ruler Ramses III?





Which third oldest civilization (3000 BC) of the Old World—along the 2,900-mile Huang He River “The Great Sorrow” that brought devastating floods yet also fertile yellow silt from Mongolia—coalesced the world’s oldest inhabited place (7500 BC) of agricultural societies?





Which earliest known urban civilization in the Indian subcontinent—the last (2600 BC) and the largest civilization by area (~1.25 million km2) in the Old World,—lies in modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan (Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa) and India (Dholavira, Kalibangan, Lothal)?





South-central Mexico’s tropical lowlands occupied by the Olmecs (1400-500 BC)—the first major Mesoamerican civilization immortalized by their 17 flat-faced, thick-lipped, helmeted “colossal heads” of volcanic basalt blocks—are which Mexican states today?





Which most conspicuous civilization of all time history—from origin (2600 BC, Yucatan, Pre-Classic Era) to prominence (250 AD, Southern Mexico) till 900 AD—is particularly noted for its Chichén Itza, Mayan Calendar, farming and hierarchical system of government?





Which later Mesoamerican civilization (1427-1521 AD)—Ullamaliztli (or Ōllamalitzli) is a very popular yet extremely difficult team ball game they played; head, elbow, hips and knee only, the ball not touching the ground—is actually Mexica, misnamed from Aztlan, their city?





Which latest Mesoamerican civilization (1438-1532 AD)—2500 miles along the Pacific Coast from Peru’s borders with Ecuador and Colombia till Santiago in Chile, by the Northern Andes with Cuzco the capital of the Inca—was the largest empire of Pre-Columbian America?





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    Sweta says:

    very nice quiz

    Jaikanth says:

    queries are thought provoking. multi choice answers .. are sadly dissapointing.

    Rengarajan says:

    it is a boost for our minds

    Vinod Alummoottil says:

    Brain booster.

    Kannan says:

    informative quiz

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