Quiz on the Latest in TV Technology
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When was the last time you were considering buying a new TV?

Take help with our “Quiz on the Latest in TV Technology”.

Which popular TV display technology—now on the decline due to rapid advancements in LED-based LCD technology—brought the first 40"–42" flat-screen TVs to India in the 1990s, using electricity to excite a mixture of plasma-like inert gases to illuminate colour pixels?





Which TV display technology—supported by groundbreaking developments in LEDs like OLED, AMOLED and Super AMOLED—is leveraging breakthroughs in the TV market, using electric current to orient liquid crystals—sandwiched in glass—for a wider range of colours?





Which TV backlight scanning technology for "transmissive" LCDs—do not produce their own light, instead rely on another light source for illumination—with local dimming for truer black contrast—in the 32"–47" size bracket—has replaced old-school CCFLs?





As an improvement of the traditional LCD, which backplane of thin film amorphous silicon—one for each pixel to which it supplies a unique electric current—governs individual crystal excitation for truer colour, deeper contrast and Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution?





Which "holy grail of television technology" uses a diode-linked, paired layer of emissive-conductive organic molecules—electroluminescent polymer films that emit light as photons released by electron jumps—to eliminate backlight, ultrathin and flexible for curved TVs?





Which improvement of the OLED technology uses an active-matrix TFT backplane—driving electronics that fire pixels line-by-line—with a capacitor to store line pixel states for Ultra HD "4k" (3840 x 2160) resolutions on 170° views at super-high video streaming rates?





Curved TV, the latest in TV design with OLED display and UHD resolution or "4k"—of 8.3 million pixels, 4 times that of traditional 2-million-pixel HD TVs—offers what unique TV experience?





Which hybrid TV technology aims at integrating traditional TV with dynamic Web 2.0 Internet, "smart" apps and streaming supported by TV operating systems like LG's webOS and Firefox-Panasonic's Firefox OS versions for TV?





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    Kazi Ziyauddin Shahabuddim says:

    Good quize to improve knowledge on TV technology.

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