Samyuktha’s Achievements in State and National-level Roller Skating
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Author: Shanthi, mother of Samyuktha, Chennai

Samyuktha P.A. is a Class IX student of SBOA School and Junior College, Anna Nagar, Chennai.

She started the sport of quad skating when she was 4 years old. She joined the game to recover from her asthma complaint. On health grounds, she showed a good improvement and started doing very well in this sport.

Samyuktha received her first Bronze Medal in 2005 in Chennai District Roller Skating Competition. Her level reached higher and higher and she received her first national-level medal in 2010.

Subsequently, she moved on to inline shoe skating and continued her achievements. For the benefit of readers, “quad” is an old-style roller skate with two pairs of wheels, each pair connected by an axle. “Inline” is roller skate with all four wheels in one line (only this category of shoes is allowed to participate in international events).

In the national-level roller skating competition conducted by the Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI) at Virar (West), Mumbai, from 21-26 January 2015, she won the Bronze Medal in Road Event.

In the event conducted by Tamil Nadu Roller Skating Association from 30 November to 2 December 2014, at Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai, she won the Individual State Championship with 3 Gold Medals in Roller Skating and thereby qualified for the national-level roller skating event.

Future participations:

The Roller Skating State Meet will have participants ranging from 700 to 1000 every year, overall. Approximately, 45 girls in her age group will participate.

The event organized by Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI) will have around 1200 participants.  Approximately 150 girls in her age group will participate.

Below are links to Samyuktha’s earlier achievements in roller skating and other sports:

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Samyuktha wins prizes in Interschool Athletic Competition by TOI

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    Durairaj says:

    very good samyuktha, your inspiration of my son Master.Karmugilan. now he learn skating starting level. thanks
    durairaj.k salem 9842556427

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