The Nine Gems of Healthy Living
Posted on: March 20, 2015. Comments ( 4 )

Author: Ramachandran B, parent of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chennai.

Forget complicated advice, persuasive expert statistics and the hundreds of threatening Whatsapp forwards on the dos-and-don’ts to remain healthy. Instead, play to your strengths and set sensible and achievable goals for yourselves.

Scrape your worthless gym membership for something more genuine. Daily brisk jogging continuously for a kilometer gives you all what you need from a morning workout—and more. Your only investment would be a good pair of running shoes with comforting insoles.

Give the elevator a miss. If your office is, say, on the seventh floor, leave the elevator on the fifth floor and tackle the remaining two by taking the stairs—it improves cardiac health and blood circulation. Repeat the same in the evening when you leave office for home.

Spend a few minutes under the sun. Let your skin get some sunshine for 10-15 minutes to replenish its reserves of Vitamin D—the key factor for bone/teeth health, albeit indirectly. Vitamin D is the most important factor in the re-absorption of calcium and phosphorous from the bloodstream—the two most important nutrients that improve bone/teeth density and increases their respective strengths.

Swim to slim. Swimming feels great! It’s the next best thing to cycling and brisk jogging, and a hundred times better than weight-loss pills and steam saunas. Besides being a highly effective method to reduce weight, swimming tones the body and keeps it trim and fit. For the record, 10 minutes of freestyle swimming burns up 80-100 calories.

Drop the habit of watching TV or surfing the Net until late night. Sleep deprivation is a major evil. The average adult needs a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep to battle a highly stressful life. Insufficient sleep—besides causing a host of medical and psychological disorders—causes behavioral problems and severely cripples concentration and focus on a task.

Complement exercise with a balanced diet. Two hours of daily, physical exercise is necessary. It must include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and fiber in moderate quantities. Eating 7-10 portions of fruit and vegetable daily ensures that your digestive system is periodically refreshed.

Drink the recommended amount of water. That’s a minimum of about eight glasses (2 liters) of water every day, as per medical standard. As the water washes through your inner body, it keeps the vital organs healthy by flushing out toxic buildup. A spoonful of lemon juice in your early morning glass of water makes it more effective.

Try your best to avoid eating outside. Falling prey to processed food will get you landed in trouble. Beware the effects of biological magnification—your body amplifies the chemistry in the food you eat. If this is bad enough, it gets even worse if you are stressed immediately before or after eating, aggravating this effect. Reconsider this point and prefer hygienically packed home-cooked food instead for the sake of personal and wallet health.

Find no excuses for pushing the pedal. Make cycling a habit. Trust it when someone tells you cycling is as good as swimming, even better. When you head out for the grocer’s next time, take the bicycle and keep the car for the highway where cycling is unsafe. If you don’t have a bicycle handy, just walk over. Always put short travelling distances to best use, health-wise.

The best advice is always simple and easy to follow.

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Comments (4)


    Rajasekar says:

    Simple, worthy piece of regimen to lead a healthy life.But commitment to implement will only make one enjoy the benefits of healthy lifestyle.

    Kiran Dhavalpatel says:

    weight bearing exercise restores calcium, in long run we need our back to be very strong,just cycling or swimming or walking without strength training is incomplete.Light weight exercise should be a part of our work out.
    I would say commitment and discipline is a key to good health.

    Indira says:

    Very useful article and how true! Simple to implement and if meticulously followed will ensure we would never need health care again. Thanks!

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