A Flurry of Poems by Mokshavathi. A, Std. XI, Pon Vidyashram, Valasaravakkam, Chennai
Posted on: August 2, 2016. Comments ( 2 )

Author: Mokshavathi. A, Std. XI, Pon Vidyashram, Valasaravakkam, Chennai

Inner Thoughts

    I miss those golden days,
    when I used to laugh and smile as I wish.
    Now ‘am distracted in many ways,
    and my life is gone in a swish!
    The mistakes I have done,
    wonders up to the sky.
    And the golden cups I won,
    hides in my cupboard shy.
    Could those days really vanish?
    ‘cause I’m blinking like its Spanish.
    Now all I need is a break,
    to heal my wound and ache.

Courage is Priceless

    It’s either heartbreak,
    or it’s gonna be a fairytale.
    Might not be a walk on a cake,
    but will make you pale as well.
    It either brings wings of evilness,
    or the wings of loveliness.
    It might be a fragile rose,
    or a horrifying force.
    It will murmur the fear,
    and also mumble my dear.
    You don’t have to run,
    but just beat it like a fashion drum.

Fake Smile

    My life is stabbed,
    and my whole life isolated.
    But thanks to my smile,
    ‘cause it made me cross another mile.
    I am laughing at my own life,
    that ‘am walking on a knife.
    Even now only my smile,
    has made me cross another mile.

Why Do I Smile?

    Should it be the breeze that makes me happy?
    Or the seas spread so wide?
    Can it be the trees that score the sky?
    While I sit and adore the high?
    Could it be the way you make a notice?
    Or your eyes blooming like lotus?
    Though you are away a mile,
    I still feel your smile.

by Mokshavathi. A, Std. XI, Pon Vidyashram, Valasaravakkam, Chennai

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Comments (2)


    Hamesh Kumar says:

    Very good beginning Mokshavathi,you are just on the threshold of becoming a budding Poet.Keep it up.Regards.
    A sample of my poem

    We come across so many colleagues who inspire us,
    Kannappanji Stands-Out with his Trade-mark Style and Smile;
    We get upset over so many issues some serious some trivial,
    Very rarely we come across Stalwarts like him who Stand-Still,
    He is neither rocked nor rattled,he wins all with his SMILE !

    A long innings of our dear respected friend is being DECLARED,
    Retirement or Superannuation was on the lines,Of-course
    We all expected Promotion and Elevation of our beloved,
    Though he seems have to took it cool,his Fan-followers cannot
    Frustated at this development-many of us cannot fathom it.

    He has left a Mark like Great Leaders do-“Officially”
    Wherever he worked,wherever he ventured,he did it well,
    Never was he harsh-never did he court any controversy;
    Never was he a Cat-On-The Wall-his views were correct and crisp,
    How this originated by birth or MONA LISA lived nearby;
    Your bewitching smile,attitude,discipline cast a spell on us,
    Wonder when we can get a DIPLOMAT,LEADER,FRIEND like thee!
    Hope you like it-but don’t give up anytime your writing.ALL THE BEST.

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